Monday 29th November 2021

A mild blip for Tuesday but more cold to come.

Thanks to Ru for the photograph.

Tonight starts cold, with a frost in places, but will become gradually milder and cloudier, with a little rain later in the night. Down to around 0’C at first but ticking up to around 6’C by dawn.

Tuesday looks mostly cloudy with a little patchy rain at times. Breezy and much milder at 11’C. A band of more organised showery rain spreading down from the north-west late evening/overnight, some heavy bursts mixed in. 11’C but cooler towards dawn.

Wednesday sees the wind swing to the north, so it becomes colder again.

Sunny spells in the morning, with a small chance of a shower. It looks like an area of cloud and more organised showers will spread down during the afternoon. 7’C but feeling colder in the northerly wind. Clear skies overnight with temperatures down to around 0’C and a frost – there is a chance of a small area of showers spreading down later in the night, which could fall as rain or snow – too much uncertainty at this stage.

Thursday will be sunny but cold. High cloud tending to build during the afternoon. 3’C in a northerly breeze. Frosty at first overnight, down to around -2’C. A band of showery rain will spread down from the north-west before dawn – it could easily start as sleet or snow, but almost certainly will turn to rain.

Friday morning sees rain clearing – followed by sunny spells. Around 7’C. Further rain spreading across overnight, around 8’C and windy.

A bit of uncertainty for Saturday, as it depends on how quickly the overnight low pressure can clear east – arguably the most likely outcome is that it struggles to clear and there is more showery rain on Saturday, and still fairly cold at around 6’C.

The more likely outcome for Sunday is that it is sunny but quite cold, say around 5’C. Fairly low confidence though – it really depends on how the low pressure from Friday night/early Saturday clears.

Very low confidence for next week. It looks like a battle is forming between much colder air to our east/north-east, and milder weather from the Atlantic.

My hunch is that the colder air kind of wins without it ever being too cold, but at least stops a total mild takeover. We’d see mostly slightly colder than normal weather, some rain and wind at times, with a small chance of snow instead.

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