Monday 29th May 2023

High pressure remains in control – and probably stays this way for at least 10 days. Though this week we’ll have to battle with cloud from the North Sea at times. Which can be stubborn to clear.

No photograph this week…well…not from any of you as I still cannot access the Facebook message ones. So you’ll have to cope with my photograph of London instead.

So high pressure is currently centred just to the north-west of Ireland, which means an easterly flow for us – it won’t shift much during the week, but the subtleties of positioning will allow for more cloud at times, and lower temperatures on some days.

This morning sees some patches of low level cloud but also some sunny spells. This cloud tends to clear for the afternoon but also the sun will become hazier as high cloud spreads down. The easterly wind will make it feel cooler, but we should reach around 18’C. Some clear spells overnight though a tendency for more cloud later in the night, down to around 9’C.

Tuesday sees a battle between low cloud spilling in from the North Sea and the sun trying to burn it back – fairly cloudy to start but the sun should win out for much of the day, before the cloud returns for late afternoon/evening. There is a risk that the cloud doesn’t clear, but more likely it does. Reaching around 19’C, assuming cloud clears, though still with the easterly wind. Cloudy overnight, there might even be a spot of drizzle. Down to around 9’C.

Wednesday starts cloudy and dull. The sun should break up the cloud at least somewhat in the afternoon though uncertain as to the extent. Still quite windy though not as cool a source as Monday, temperatures between 17’C and 21’C, depending on sunshine amounts. Cloud spreading across overnight again, down to around 9’C.

Thursday likely starts cloudy and dull. The cloud should break up a little easier than it did on Wednesday, to leave good sunny spells – though again a small chance it sticks around all or most of the day. Most likely there will be good sunny spells, and we’ll reach around 22’C. Low cloud spreads back again overnight, 10’C.

Friday currently looks more of a struggle to clear the cloud – likely on the cloudier side of the scale, though some sunny spells possible in the afternoon. Assuming so, then cooler, around 17’C.

Very little change in the overall pattern by the weekend – high pressure still in the same place and we’ll still be struggling with the easterly breeze.

Not especially high confidence on details for Saturday and Sunday – certainly dry, a risk of cloud, especially in the mornings, but there should be some sunshine at times in the afternoons. Temperatures between 18’C and 21’C.

Next week very likely remains settled and dry, at least at first – there is a small chance of thundery showers moving up from the south later next week or next weekend, but only a small chance as it stands.

Sunshine amounts and temperatures will depend on positioning of high pressure, probably at least fairly warm, assuming no cloud.

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