Monday 29th January 2024

Mostly dry and often mild – a useable spell of weather.

Thanks to Mary for the photograph.

Tonight will be cloudy, perhaps the odd spot of light rain, around 8’C.

Tuesday will be mostly cloudy. Perhaps a little light rain/drizzle at first – there may be some sunny spells to end the day also, though uncertainty on the time that the area of cloud clears. Around 9’C with a breeze. Fairly clear skies overnight, though some cloud possible. Generally down to around -1’C, so a frost probable – though that will depend on cloud amounts.

The general picture for Wednesday remains dominated by this large area of high pressure covering most of central and southern Europe – and has led to record January temperatures in parts of Spain and Scotland, possibly other places that have escaped my attention.

Bright with hazy sunshine for Wednesday morning – thicker cloud spreading across in the afternoon. Around 9’C, maybe 10’C and quite windy. Cloudy overnight with some patchy rain from roughly late evening onwards – clearing before dawn with some cooler air, down to around 3’C.

Thursday will be a pleasant day with hazy sunshine – reaching around 8’C. Some cloud overnight – likely fairly chilly, say down to around 4’C – give or take.

Milder air makes its way to our shores on Friday, though with a lot of cloud. Some sunny breaks at times, especially at first but otherwise mostly cloudy. Becoming quite windy, but reaching 13’C or so. Fairly cloudy overnight, around 9’C.

Saturday stays cloudy but mild. The odd bit of sunshine at times, the odd showery bit of rain also possible – but generally think cloud. 13’C. Mostly cloudy and around 9’C overnight, give or take – the odd splash of rain possible.

Sunday generally looks more of the same, often cloudy, perhaps some sunshine at times and staying mild, around 13’C. Possibly windy again.

Next week is uncertain – it looks like there will be an attempt to spread somewhat colder air south, though it may well just mean we return to rain – and Scotland gets the cold.

Longer-term, I still think the more likely option is for high pressure to develop either over the UK or to the west (more likely) – which means colder weather is more likely for the second half of February.

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