Monday 28th February 2022

Quite cloudy with slow-moving weather fronts this week – and possibly an easterly by the weekend.

Thanks to Chris for the photograph.

This evening and overnight sees rain spreading across from the west, becoming lighter over time. Down to around 7’C and breezy.

Tuesday will be cloudy with occasional light rain. Breezy and around 8’C. The occasional light rain becoming more organised and spreading up from the south in the evening – mostly moderate. This showery rain continuing overnight – tending to becoming patchier and lighter as the night goes on. Around 6’C.

Wednesday sees the start of a battle of air masses – high pressure trying to build close to our east, weather fronts trying to push in from the west.

It will remain cloudy with bits and pieces of rain – mostly light to moderate in nature. Around 7’C. The weather front cannot push any further east overnight and continues to fizzle out – so mostly cloud, the odd bit of light rain, and around 6’C.

Thursday should see some brightness at times, though it will be rather cloudy. The next weather front will be stalled not that far to our west (should be anyway) – though the odd showery spot of rain will be possible later. Mild, 12’C. Overnight is uncertain, though the slightly more likely outcome is that the weather front edges east and brings some bits of showery rain.

So from here things are uncertain, but we should see the weather front pushed back west. Maybe this happened overnight so Friday would be sunny in that case, maybe it pushes back west during Friday so we’ll be cloudy with bits of rain, until it clears west. Or maybe the weather front actually clears to our east on Friday – and then pushes back west late Friday or into Saturday. Broadly speaking it will be around 9’C.

Unusually low confidence for the Saturday, but some form of easterly is the more likely outcome. Chilly, perhaps cold, cloudy more likely, the odd light shower possible.

Likewise uncertain for Sunday, but chilly and fairly cloudy is the more likely outcome.

Very uncertain for next week due to the battle between mild/wet to the west and cold/dry to the east – a cold start to the week is certainly possible with sleet/snow showers – though mild/dry or mild/wet are only very slightly less likely.

More likely for the latter half of next week would be changeable and mild. I could use that word “uncertain” again, but I’m bored of using it.

It will take a day or two to resolve what happens this Friday – and then next week should become clearer.

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