Monday 27th June 2022

A changeable week ahead – some sunshine, some showers, and temperatures around normal.

Thanks to Tracy for the photograph.

Tonight sees reasonably clear skies with temperatures down to around 10’C.

Tuesday continues the same kind of pattern of recent days – low pressure to our west trying to push in, but high pressure to the east blocking it, and reducing its potential impact.

It will start reasonably sunny, but quite a lot of fair weather cloud will bubble up during the morning, some sunny breaks but overall likely more cloud than sunshine. More in the way of sunny spells in the afternoon, but still plenty of fair weather cloud and some high cloud making the sunshine hazy too. A small chance of a shower, more likely in the morning/early afternoon. Around 21’C and still rather windy at times. Cloud continuing to thicken overnight with some rain before dawn, as a weakening weather front pushes across. Around 15’C.

Wednesday starts cloudy with some showery rain – this clears to sunny spells and scattered showers, possibly heavy, for a little while. But from around early afternoon, high cloud will move up from the south – making the sunshine hazy, but stopping the showers. A warmer feel, around 23’C. Areas of heavy rain moving up from the south overnight – the track is uncertain at this stage and certainly feasible we could stay dry. An small chance of some lightning. Around 13’C.

Thursday looks more unsettled, with a slack area of low pressure overhead. Some sunny spells, but also some heavy/very heavy showers developing. The distribution of showers still to be determined, some places may miss out and stay dry, but more likely you will have several heavy/very heavy showers during the course of the day, torrential downpours possible, as is hail/thunder/lightning. Around 20’C. Showers fading overnight, down to around 11’C.

Friday looks like a bit of an improvement. Less showers, though still some heavy/very heavy showers scattered around. Some sunny spells, though I’m not expecting anything too nice. Around 21’C.

Saturday looks like high pressure will be starting to build over the southern half of the UK, but with an added annoyance of a weak weather front which will give some cloud, possibly some showers – though it will depend on the progress of the weather front as only a fairly small band. Otherwise, sunny spells, and temperatures on the up, say 22’C, perhaps more.

Sunday still has a small chance of a shower, but broadly should be set fair – some sunny spells, some cloud. Temperatures somewhere between 21’C and 25’C depending on exact positioning of high pressure to our west.

Next week should see the Azores High start to push in from the west – a pattern that summer lovers should rejoice at as it can give fairly long spells of settled weather – very warm or quite hot but nothing unusual for early July.

Cloud amounts are uncertain at this stage, certainly possible under this kind of set-up that we get more cloud than sun, at least to begin with, but far too early to judge as it will depend on the exact positioning of the high pressure close to our west. Most likely dry but the odd shower possible.

Temperatures most likely in the very warm to quite hot category, say between 22’C and 28’C – though some variation probable depending on cloud amounts and high pressure positioning.

It could be a rather pleasant spell of settled, summer weather. Though with increased chance of it becoming notably hot towards mid-July – and also increased chances of thundery showers. A long way away though.

Even August tentatively looks like it could be hotter, drier and sunnier than normal – though with some variations at times.

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