Monday 27th December 2021

Becoming very mild and rather wet.

Thanks to Louise for the photograph.

This evening sees further showery rain, clearing around 11pm ish, remaining cloudy overnight with the odd spot of light rain, with further showers arriving before/around dawn, possibly heavy. 10’C.

Tuesday starts with some sunny spells but also some heavy showers. Quickly clouding over with some patchy rain mid/late morning, mostly cloudy and mostly dry for the afternoon. 10’C and windy. Some clear spells at first, down to around 5’C but quickly clouding over from the south-west, with rain arriving around 3am, give or take.

By Wednesday we’ll be seeing this much milder air pushing up from the south.

The morning will see outbreaks of rain, some heavy. Mostly dry once the rain clears, perhaps a little sunshine, but notable mild, 15’C. Quite windy too. Mostly cloudy overnight, some disorganised bits of showery rain at times, fairly windy, 13’C.

Thursday remains in this very mild, cloudy flow. Some bits and pieces of mostly light rain, mostly in the morning as the focus for this will shift north as pressure builds from the south. Still fairly windy, 14’C, maybe 15’C. Cloudy overnight, some bits and pieces of rain at times, more so in the second half of the night. Windy, 12’C.

New Year’s Eve should actually see some sunshine. I know, sunshine in 2021 – feels like the cloudiest year ever to me. Sunshine amounts uncertain but at least some sunshine is likely, a tad less mild, 13’C and more breezy than windy. Probably cloudy for a good chunk of the night, a little light rain or drizzle possible at times, mild, 11’C.

New Year’s Day sees high pressure in charge, close to our south-east. Probably actually rather sunny again, some cloud possible at times and still fairly mild, around 12’C. Breezy too.

Uncertain for overnight and into Sunday, but the more likely outcome sees rain spreading across from the west – timing and other details uncertain, though still mild.

Next week looks changeable, with some rain at times, but some dry days too. Temperatures generally trending back down to normal, though some mild days still likely, some cooler days possible.

I don’t see any possibility of anything cold until 8th January at the earliest. And even then it is more a window of opportunity for a short/shortish cold spell rather than something I think has a reasonable chance of happening.

The latter half of January I expect to be mostly wet, windy and mild. It’s just that week 2 going into week 3 part that could offer something for cold weather fans…could.

Not sure when the next forecast will be – my Christmas Day will be on Thursday, so it will be whenever I get around to it, probably Friday or the weekend at some point.

Enjoy the rest of the festive season.

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