Monday 25th January 2021

So I hope you enjoyed the snow. I’d be very surprised if it is the last time this winter that you get snow on the ground, let alone falling. But it is going to turn milder during this week.

Thanks to Em for the photograph – I haven’t read all the messages and comments – 363 comments the last time I looked! Normally I would, but just been too busy the last few days. So there are a lot of photographs that I haven’t seen – and I could even have been persuaded to use a sunrise photograph, given how stunning sunrise was yesterday.

Tonight will be cold, frosty and icy – down to around -3’C. Cloud thickening from the west later in the night.

Tuesday sees rain spreading across. Arriving mid-morning, light and patchy for the morning, some heavyish bursts in the afternoon but still very sporadic. Still on the cold side, 5’C, breezy later too. Still some light rain in the evening, mostly dry overnight – rather cloudy with a few clear spells, around 6’C.

For Wednesday, the ongoing battle between mild air to the south-west and cold to the north/east can be seen clearly.

The milder air will be winning, generally mostly cloudy and around 8’C. Some patchy rain later in the afternoon. The rain becomes heavy and persistent in the evening and tries to push further north-east – though at the same time the colder air tries to push back. Really quite a wet night – temperatures probably close to around 8’C still, but something milder, say 11’C possible – likewise something colder, say 4’C possible – those two air masses very close together.

Thursday starts wet. The rain band will very slowly push north-east – struggling to make inroads, but as the morning progresses the rain will become lighter and patchier – the should be some brightness before the day is over. Proper mild air should win out, with temperatures around 12’C – but some uncertainty remains on this. Further heavy rain overnight, and still mild.

Friday most likely sees further showery rain – though any further details are uncertain at this point, as I’m not yet sure where weather fronts will be – but they should be close enough for showery rain at some point. Generally fairly cloudy and mild, 10’C, some brightness at times possible and fairly breezy. It looks like colder air then spreads south again overnight – if any weather fronts remain then rain could turn to sleet or snow – but that is highly uncertain at this stage.

The most likely outcome for Saturday is cold with sunny spells – a small chance of a wintry shower. Though not with especially high confidence. Frost likely overnight.

Sunday is highly uncertain. Weather fronts will be trying to push in from the west – and at this stage it isn’t certain when they will arrive. If forced to, I’d suggest it is slightly more likely to stay dry and cold for Sunday.

When weather fronts arrive, either Sunday or Monday, there could be a spell of snow before it turns to rain.

Next week should be back in the milder air – with further heavy rain and perhaps strong winds also. Yet the cold air will remain close, so there could easily be a day or two of snow air – and should that happen, some snow could precede the next set of weather fronts when the milder air pushes in again.

After next week, the chance of more notable and lengthy cold weather will increase – and possibly could be from the east.

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