Monday 24th October 2022

An unusually warm week – otherwise fairly mixed, not much in the way of rain, and certainly nothing like that rather impressive storm yesterday.

Thanks to Tara for the photograph.

Scattered showers will fade this evening to leave reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 11’C.

The general pattern for Tuesday sees low pressure to the west, and high pressure building to our south-east – setting us up for an unusually warm southerly flow as the week goes on.

Generally a day of sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud – a few scattered showers around lunchtime/early afternoon, say around a 60% chance of catching one or two. Cloud tending to thicken later in the day, and reaching around 17’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, a bit of patchy light rain at times in the evening and first part of the night. Mild in a south-westerly wind, no lower than 14’C.

Wednesday will be fairly similar, some sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud and a few scattered showers – possibly heavy, say a 50% chance of catching one. 18’C in a fresh south-westerly breeze. Fairly cloudy overnight and down to around 13’C – a chance of a spell of showery rain moving north later in the night, though uncertainty as to the track – it could be much further west.

Thursday is uncertain to start, due to the possible overnight showery rain, which may linger into the morning. Otherwise, variable cloud, some sunny spells (perhaps hazy) and a small chance of a shower. Reaching 19’C, maybe even 20’C. Breezy. Cloud slowly thickening overnight as a weather front tries to push east – very mild, probably no lower than 15’C.

Friday likely starts fairly cloudy – a weakening weather front may give a little patchy rain. Probably more sunshine in the afternoon, and probably more showers by the evening – though details a little sketchy right now, maybe the showers are earlier – or maybe it stays cloudy and dry all day. Temperatures somewhere between 17’C and 20’C – still breezy. Cloudy and mild overnight – probably with some showery rain, which could be heavy.

For Saturday we are still in this unusually warm southerly flow.

Details not yet certain, but more likely some cloud, some sun, a small chance of a shower and reaching around 18’C.

Sunday is uncertain – apart from the fact that it will remain unusually warm, somewhere between 17’C and 21’C. Otherwise, it might be dry with some sunshine, or there might be some rain – too early to say. Maybe marginal favourite is a spell of rain at some point.

Next week likely starts warmer than normal – changeable more likely than settled, though it should settle down as we grow into November.

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