Monday 24th August 2020

The last official week of summer…and it will be everything except summer. Gales and heavy rain for tomorrow, more rain and strong winds later in the week and an unseasonably cool weekend. Unseasonable cool Bank holiday weekend.

Thanks to Liz for the photograph, and everyone else who sent one in.

Still scattered heavy showers around for the first couple of hours this evening, some clear spells for a short while but cloud quickly thickening with rain arriving after midnight, some heavy, and winds picking up too. Around 16’C.

Tuesday sees the arrival of Storm Francis – it wouldn’t be anything too unusual in autumn or winter, but it is rather unusually potent for August.

The wind will be the main talking points, gusts of 45mph, perhaps around 50mph expected during the afternoon and evening – this will be enough for some isolated damage, a few fences panels down, that kind of thing. Also with trees in full leaf, there may be a few large branches or trees down – therefore there could be some disruption also. The usual professional channels such as Met Office Weather Warnings are out there.

Heavy rain at first in the morning, some very heavy bursts possible. Becoming lighter and more patchy later in the morning, with sunny spells for the afternoon and just a small chance of a light (ish) shower. Around 20’C but not really feeling so. Variable cloud overnight, still windy but less so, down to around 14’C.

Wednesday sees quite a lot of cloud around. There will be some sunny spells, more so late in the day. Windy at first, just breezy later, 21’C. Clear spells overnight, down to around 11’C.

Thursday sees a developing area of low pressure head towards us though it won’t properly develop until it is over England. Quite a lot of cloud around, some sunny spells, and one or two scattered showers – at least for most of the day. Around 22’C.

Either late afternoon or during the evening, it looks like an area of heavy showers or general heavy rain will develop and spread east. Potentially very heavy or even torrential rain, a small chance of thunder too – some something else to watch with caution. Further heavy or very heavy showers at times overnight, around 14’C.

For Friday, we have this low pressure system over us – the wind will turn to the north-east and become rather strong, and cool too.

Two broad scenarios possible depending on exact positioning of the low pressure system, either we get stuck under a band of heavy rain for a good chunk of the day or we get some sunshine but plenty of heavy showers, potentially very heavy and thundery. Temperatures between 16’C and 19’C depending on sunshine amounts. Further showers likely overnight, down to around 11’C.

Saturday sees our low pressure system move east. Quite a bit of cloud around, a cool northerly wind, some sunny spells and also a chance of further showers – more likely in the morning. Around 16’C…it could even be a bit cooler than that. Down to around 11’C overnight.

Sunday sees high pressure start to settle things down. Still a cool northerly breeze, plenty of cloud though some sunny spells. One or two scattered showers and around 17’C. Probably quite chilly overnight.

Bank Holiday Monday sees sunny spells, a fair amount of fair weather cloud and lighter winds. It should be dry. Around 17’C.

And to think Bank Holiday August 2019 was 33’C.

Guess I’ll be ditching the shorts for the weekend.

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