Monday 23rd January 2023

High pressure remaining in control for the next week, so staying fairly cold and mostly dry, though some variations in theme.

Thanks to Matthew for the photograph.

Clear skies at first tonight will see a frost and temperatures down to around -2’C – generally colder the further west you are. Cloud will gradually spread across from the east later in the night, so temperatures may tick back up to around 1’C by dawn – some fog patches forming also.

High pressure remains in control for Tuesday, stretching from the Atlantic through to Russia, though will tend to edge west at times during the week.

Tuesday starts cloudy, with some fog in places, more likely further west. There should be sunny spells in the afternoon, though some uncertainty. Remaining fairly cold, 5’C. Clear skies at first overnight, down to around -3’C and fog forming widely.

Fog will clear on Wednesday morning but it will remain mostly cloudy as a couple of weak weather fronts push south-east. Some patchy light rain at times in the afternoon and early evening, though don’t be too surprised if you stay dry. A bit less cold, 7’C though a northly breeze picking up. Clear skies overnight, down to around 0’C so hit and miss with a frost.

Thursday sees the breeze swinging to the north-east and it will feel pretty raw. Sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud, the odd scattered light shower and reaching around 6’C. Likely too much breeze and cloud overnight for a frost, though a close call, down to around 1’C.

Friday morning looks rather cloudy. There should be more in the way of sunny spells in the afternoon. Around 6’C, a lighter breeze. A frost possible at first overnight, but uncertain due to a weak weather front likely pushing south-east overnight, which will bring cloud and a bit of patchy light rain – but uncertain on the timing of this.

Saturday generally looks rather cloudy, the odd bit of light rain possible at times, more likely in the morning. Temperatures around 7’C. A frost possible overnight, though uncertain at this stage.

On Sunday, it looks like a more north-westerly flow sets up. Uncertain on cloud amounts at this stage, most likely dry but the wind picking up. Around 8’C. Suggestions of a weak weather front pushing south overnight, bringing a little showery rain.

Next week looks more changeable, with at least some rain or showers at times, though some brighter weather too. Temperatures more likely staying roughly in the range of 5’C to 9’C and it should be windy at times. A short-lived colder northerly flow very possible for a day or so within this pattern.

The trend should be for something milder and more unsettled for the first half of February.

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