Monday 22nd March 2021

The slow-burner of a spring continues – though we should get our first “quite warm” weather to start next week.

Tonight sees clear spells, down to around 2’C – perhaps a touch of frost in the more sheltered spots and a small chance of one or two fog patches.

Tuesday sees high pressure still in control. There will be a fair amount of cloud around, likely more cloud than sunshine overall – sunny spells more likely in the morning. Temperatures will depend on sunshine amounts, but 12’C to 14’C will be the range. Some clear spells at first overnight, but cloud thickening as a weak weather front approaches from the west, down to around 5’C.

Wednesday starts cloudy. The weak weather front will squeeze out a little bit of rain at times, but next to nothing in the scheme of things. Sunny spells will replace the weather front from the west at some point in the afternoon. Around 12’C. Clear spells overnight and chilly, down to around 2’C – a touch of frost in more sheltered spots, and a breeze starting to pick up.

Thursday sees some sunny spells, plenty of fair weather cloud and some scattered showers – around a 40% chance of catching one or two. 13’C and breezy. Variable cloud overnight, one or two showers, 7’C.

Friday starts with some rain – quite windy too. This will clear to sunshine and showers, some heavy, and some colder air too with temperatures around 9’C. Clear skies overnight, chilly – a frost possible.

Saturday sees high pressure start to build from the south. Likely starts sunny, likely becomes rather cloudy – with some sunny breaks though. Around 11’C or so. Some clear spells overnight, down to around 3’C.

Uncertain on cloud amounts for Sunday but I’m hopeful for at least some decent spells of sunshine, with some cloud at times also. Feeling quite pleasant, 14’C at a push.

Monday sees more of a southerly flow, which means temperatures will increase. Probably more sun than cloud, though it’s a week a away so no guarantee, temperatures between 16’C and 18’C.

Tuesday should stay quite warm with decent spells of sunshine. Temperatures between 16’C and 19’C.

Uncertain what happens in the short-term after next Tuesday – and for the Easter weekend. It could just as easily be a cold blast from the north, a continuation of the warmth of the start of the week, or something average but with some sunshine. Or maybe a mixture of the themes.

I did say in my spring forecast that the beginning of April had both signals for colder air from the north and warmer air from the south – so interchanging chilly/warm spells could be on the cards. And I still expect plenty of quite warm to warm, sunny weather for the rest of April.

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