Monday 22nd February 2021

Mostly dry and fairly mild.

Thanks to Rosie for the photograph. I know, I normally don’t use sunsets/sunrises but I think I’m over-excited this evening about the prospect of being able to visit outdoors hospitality come April 12th.

Tonight sees some clear spells, though cloudy at first. A small chance of fog, down to around 6’C.

Tuesday sees high pressure to the south-east being the greater influence on our weather – low pressure to the west trying to push in.

Sunny spells, mild and becoming windy. More cloud in the morning than sunshine, and again later in the day. 13’C. Rather cloudy and windy overnight, some clear spells but limited, 10’C.

Wednesday sees hazy sunshine all day. A weather front trying to push in from the west but not able to make much progress so we’ll stay dry – well, I cannot totally rule out a light shower. Very mild, 15’C which will feel pleasant in lighter winds. Some rain overnight as the weather front moves through, but not much. Around 8’C.

Thursday starts rather cloudy – perhaps a bit of light rain still around from the decaying weather front. Sunny spells will follow, 11’C. Clear skies overnight, down to around 1’C – a frost in places by dawn.

Friday sees high pressure over the UK. Good spells of sunshine and around 12’C. Clear skies overnight – frost or fog possible, down to around 2’C.

Saturday may start foggy but that will soon lift. More cloud than Friday but still should be some good spells of sunshine. Around 11’C. Fog possible overnight.

Sunday will be similar, some cloud, some sunshine, around 10’C.

Next week is most likely reasonably fine with average temperatures – somewhere between 9’C and 12’C, some sunshine – frost or fog possible overnight.

I’ve long said that I expect March and April to be mostly dry with high pressure in charge. I still expect that to be the case (at least until outdoor hospitality opens…and I am only half-joking there).

I also expected March to start cold, it won’t – the window of opportunity for a cold spells has been pushed back around a week and confidence is reduced, but still a fair chance of a notable cold spell, say second week of March. I am less confident than I was a couple of weeks ago on this though.

Gosh that was the easiest forecast I’ve done for months.

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