Monday 21st September 2020

Tomorrow is the last day of the September warmth. Much cooler weather follows, with showers. Though I am still expecting some October warmth.

Thanks to Katharine for the photograph.

Tonight is a clear night, down to around 14’C. Fog possible by dawn.

Any fog patches or low cloud will soon lift on Tuesday to bring long spells of very warm sunshine. A bit of cloud at times, more so late in the day with a small chance of a shower. We should squeeze 25’C. Still a small chance of a shower in the evening, some general showery rain pushing up from the south-west after midnight. A mild night at 15’C.

Wednesday will be rather cloudy with rain at times. Some of the showery rain will be heavy, but there will be dry periods too – and still a bit of sunshine. Around 16’C and breezy at times, feeling cooler by evening as the cold front clears. Chilly overnight with clear spells for a time, down to around 7’C. Further heavy showers arriving before dawn, perhaps a rumble of thunder too.

Thursday sees low pressure well in charge – though with a strong block of high pressure over Russia, the low pressure won’t be moving through quickly.

Thursday starts with those very early heavy showers, then after that it is a case of sunny spells and scattered, blustery showers. Showers could be heavy with a rumble of thunder, but some places may miss them. Windy and cooler, we may squeeze 15’C but it will feel lower than that. Fairly cloudy overnight, quite windy, one or two scattered showers also. Around 8’C.

Friday sees the low pressure creep east allowing a fairly cold northerly flow, for the time of year. Decent sunny spells though, but feeling chilly in the wind – 14’C but feeling much less. A few scattered showers also, most likely light and less than recent days. Clear and chilly overnight, winds lessening somewhat, down to around 5’C.

Saturday again looks on the cool side with this northerly flow, but there will be decent sunny spells also. It should be dry, but I’m not 100% confident yet. Around 14’C.

Sunday isn’t really clear yet, it looks like a weak weather front will bring cloud and a little bit of rain for a portion of the day, with sunny spells either side – but it isn’t certain yet. What is certain is that it remains chilly, 14’C at best.

Next week should see temperatures pick up a bit, but it will be a changeable week with wind and rain at times – roughly 3 unsettled days, 2 settled days kind of pattern.

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