Monday 20th June 2022

A few proper summer days this week – but low pressure approaches by the end of the week.

Thanks to Becky for the photograph.

Tonight sees mostly clear skies, a bit of high cloud around, down to around 10’C.

We are in kind of weather no man’s land this week – low pressure to our north, high pressure to our west – and that is just nudging in enough to give some very pleasant sunshine. For a few days.

Tuesday therefore sees long spells of sunshine. Some high cloud around, a little fair weather cloud but generally glorious. 24’C, maybe 25’C. Clear skies overnight and down to around 11’C.

By Wednesday we tap into some of the warmer upper air over France, in a minor way, but enough to increase temperatures to around 26’C, maybe 27’C. Long spells of sunshine and very little cloud all day. A warmer feel overnight, down to around 14’C.

Thursday is one of those trickier days. Sunny to start, but an area of high/mid-level cloud spreading up from France during the day, which will give a chance of some scattered heavy, possibly thundery showers in the afternoon/evening. It will be on the hot side, but how much so will depend on the timing of the area of cloud from France, say roughly between 26’C and 29’C – unless it arrives in the morning. A fairly warm night likely, down to around 16’C, with some cloud – the shower chance remaining.

By Friday we see low pressure in charge over Ireland.

Quite a lot of cloud around, but some sunny spells. Some showers likely to break out – I’m not currently expecting anything too frequent or heavy, but that isn’t certain. The warm air still just about in place, so temperatures somewhere between 22’C and 24’C most likely. The more likely outcome for overnight sees a band of showery rain cross at some point – again not expecting too much in the way of rain.

Saturday is uncertain – yes I do get bored of using that word. The slightly more likely outcome sees a spell of heavy/very heavy rain spreading up from the south – a fair soaking. This may instead be further east, in which case sunshine and heavy showers. Only a small chance of a fair day. Temperatures somewhere between 14’C and 19’C.

The more likely outcome for Sunday is sunshine and showers, temperatures roughly around 18’C to 20’C.

Next week looks like the hot weather from Europe may well try to push back north/west – though low pressure is going to be close by to our west too…it could easily be a hot week (or becoming so)…it could easily be a wash-out.

More likely I’d suggest a mixture, showers more likely at first, warmth/heat and drier conditions more likely later. But take it as a vague guide for now.

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