Monday 20th July 2020

A fine start to the week with warm sunshine, some showers later in the week – and low pressure in control by the weekend.

Thanks to JoJo for the photograph. Well, for many photographs but I only choose one!

Tonight sees mostly clear skies, down to around 10’C.

For Tuesday we have the Azores High stretching across the UK, bringing further fine weather.

Good spells of sunshine for the morning, but quite a bit of cloud developing from lunchtime and during a good portion of the afternoon – likely rather cloudy, but some bright spells possible especially later in the afternoon. Warm, 22’C. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 11’C.

Wednesday again starts with sunny spells and again sees more cloud bubble up for lunchtime and early afternoon – though not quite the cloud coverage I expect for Tuesday so it should remain bright, and sunshine amounts then increasing later in the afternoon. Very warm, 24’C. Clear spells overnight, some cloud, 13’C.

Thursday is a mostly cloudy day. Some brightness at times, more notably in the morning, but a weak weather front will bring a fairly overcast afternoon and evening – with the odd light/moderate shower possible. Around 20’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, the odd spot of rain possible early on – some clear spells to end the night. Mild, 15’C.

Friday sees sunny spells but also a fair amount of cloud bubbling up – roughly equal amounts of sunshine and cloud during the day. A small chance of an afternoon shower, say 20% chance. Around 22’C and fairly warm. Clear spells at first overnight, cloud thickening after midnight – perhaps some rain before dawn, though timing uncertain. Around 14’C.

By Saturday we have low pressure to the north in control.

Details not determined for Saturday yet, but it looks like a day of sunshine and heavy showers, perhaps with hail and thunder, some chunky downpours also possible. Probably one or two organised bands of showers in the mix. Breezy but on the warm side, 21’C. Mostly dry overnight with clear spells – though still a chance of a shower, 13’C.

Sunshine and scattered showers for Sunday – not confident on details but I suspect less showers around than Saturday. Still on the warm side, around 21’C.

The start of next week will see further showers or perhaps general rain at times, but also some sunshine. Temperatures around normal.

Hints of the Azores High building across the UK, or at least the southern half by the end of next week to bring a warm and sunny spell for the end of next week and into next weekend – though some cloud also possible, as per recent conditions.

Probably quite mixed for the first week or so of August – some showery days but also some warm, sunny days. Hints of something very warm around the middle of August, before becoming more unsettled towards the end.

Low confidence for anything further ahead, a weak signal for a wetter than average September, but I’m not yet fully bought in.

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