Monday 20th February 2023

One more mild day then a switch to something colder – with a chance of proper cold in March, though that is a good 10 days away.

Thanks to Becky for the photograph.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy, no lower than around 7’C.

Tuesday is the last mild day for a while (possibly quite a long while). Mostly cloudy for much of the day, though by mid-afternoon we should see sunny spells develop. 11’C, maybe 12’C. Cloudy overnight with a few showers as a weather front pushes down from the north-west. 6’C.

A notable change for Wednesday as our resident high pressure system for the last month or so is now further west, allowing a weak northerly (ish) flow.

Cloudy to start with bits of occasional showery rain. This slowly easing east during the afternoon to be replaced by brighter skies. 8’C in a chilly northerly breeze. Some clear spells overnight, mostly earlier in the night – a weak weather front later in the night bringing some showers, though hit and miss as to whether you get any. Down to around 1’C – a frost probable in more sheltered spots, though a close call due to the later weather front.

Thursday starts cloudy with one or two showers around. Clearer skies with sunny spells and variable cloud will then spread down from the north for much of the rest of the day. Cool but nothing unusual, around 8’C, though the breeze making it feel chilly. Clear skies with a frost at first overnight, down to around -1’C, though more cloud towards dawn.

Friday looks often cloudy, though there will be a bit of sunshine at times. Mostly dry, though a chance of a shower. A northerly flow but reaching 10’C. A bit of uncertainty on cloud amounts overnight – a frost possible though it will need clearer skies. Somewhere between -2’C and 2’C, depending on cloud amounts.

Our high pressure is back over the UK by Saturday, though a little further north than it has been, allowing an easterly breeze.

Uncertainty on cloud amounts but likely more cloud than sunshine overall, though with some sunny spells. The easterly breeze making it rather chilly, 7’C or so. A frost possible overnight, though it depends on cloud amounts, roughly between -2’C and 2’C.

For Sunday – read Saturday.

The chilly but not especially cold easterly continues next week – perhaps a few light (ish) showers around early next week, otherwise a fairly cold wind, some cloud, some sunshine, overnight frost possible.

Maybe by next weekend we start to see impacts from the sudden stratospheric warming event that happened last week. More likely than not we get a colder than normal March, perhaps notably cold at some point with some wintry showers possible.

Quite how it evolves will take a little while to resolve, though certainly hints of a Beast From The…North being possible down the line.

Long way to go, and colder than normal could just mean 8’C for March – it takes something special to get something notably cold and wintry in the south during March. But we have just had something special in the stratosphere – so it is possible.

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