Monday 1st November 2021

A chilly week ahead but generally fairly pleasant.

The clocks going back means that the weather models are out an hour earlier – which makes it much easier me! There is an advantage to that extra darkness…

Thanks to Alison for the photograph.

Clear spells tonight, some cloud at times, down to around 3’C – a small chance of a little fog in more sheltered spots.

Tuesday sees sunny spells, some fair weather cloud and a small chance of catching a brief shower, say 20% chance. 11’C in a light breeze. Mostly clear skies overnight, a bit of cloud at times, fog likely forming in a few places by dawn – but more places staying fog-less. Down to around 1’C – a frost possible in places, especially sheltered spots.

Wednesday sees a colder, more northerly flow set in – something I expect to see more of in the second half of November.

Sunny spells in the morning, once any fog has cleared. More cloud than sun in the afternoon, as an area of cloud and scattered showers sinks south – around a 40% chance of a shower or two. Feeling chilly in the northerly breeze, 9’C. Some cloud at first overnight, becoming clear as the night goes on – down to around 3’C though that is rather approximate. Quite windy too.

Thursday will be sunny, some cloud bubbling up but always more sunshine than cloud. Still in a chilly northerly flow, 9’C at best. Some clear spells overnight though also a lot of high cloud developing which should stop a frost, down to around 2’C.

Quite a lot of cloud around on Friday, but there will be some brightness at times – the cloud often high/mid level so not especially dull or anything. A more westerly flow with temperatures scraping to 11’C – and not feeling as chilly as the previous two days. Variable cloud overnight, down to around 6’C.

Saturday sees high pressure just about in charge – some sunshine, some cloud, breezy and temperatures around 13’C. A fairly weak weather front will spread down in the evening/overnight, bringing some patchy rain. Around 7’C.

Sunday will be generally fine, again some cloud, some sunshine, and around 12’C.

Next week likely starts dry, or mostly so, with temperatures around normal or slightly above – though nights on the chilly side. Towards the end of next week, something cooler with some showers is the more likely outcome – but still early days.

The second half of November does look colder than normal, with high pressure likely to be to our west, and northerly flows more likely than normal – with some showers. I wouldn’t rule out some wintriness either, particularly late November, but we’ll see. Cold winds and/or frost likely features also.

Though worth noting, a small chance of something more substantially colder/wintry than normal developing.

2 thoughts on “Monday 1st November 2021

    1. Yeah I woke up this morning as was like, “oops” – colder than I had expected (and the Met Office also to be fair to myself!)

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