Monday 1st June 2020

Today is the first day of summer. The long warm, sunny spell is about to go on holiday – unlike me or you. Cooler and showery will be the theme.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph to call an end to the fine spell.

Though not quite just yet…you have another day!

Tonight will be mostly clear, bar a bit of high cloud towards dawn. Down to around 11’C.

Tuesday will be another very warm and sunny day, though there will be high cloud around, perhaps enough to make the sun a little hazy at times. 25’C or close to. Becoming cloudy overnight, and a rather warm night at around 15’C. Chance of a little rain before dawn.

For Wednesday we start to see low pressure developing to our south-east.

It will be rather cloudy with some occasional showery rain. Some light, some heavy bursts, perhaps a rumble of thunder. It looks unevenly distributed so some areas may get no more than an occasional splash of rain, others a few heavy bursts. Still a kind of warmish feel, and a little sunshine too, 18’C and becoming breezy. Mostly cloudy overnight, down to around 11’C.

Thursday starts cloudy with some patchy light rain. Some brighter spells in the afternoon, but also some scattered heavy showers, perhaps a longer spell of rain too for 2-3 hours – though some places staying dry. Around 16’C. Showers still possible in the evening, becoming fairly clear overnight in a northerly breeze, chilly, down to 6’C.

By Friday we are under the influence of a rather large trough to our east, and a northerly flow.

It looks fairly cloudy but with some sunny spells, and a scattering of showers developing. A low chance of more general showery rain instead, though that is uncertain. Around 15’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, the chance of showers remains, down to around 8’C.

Saturday looks like having a northerly flow. Some sunny spells possible, but more cloud likely, and a chance of showers. Uncertain on shower chances as it will depend on the position of the low pressure – a low chance of more general rain too. Around 15’C.

Sunday looks like seeing high pressure start to edge in from the west. Still rather cloudy with some sunny spells, still a chance of showers though more likely on the light side. Probably a tad cooler too, say 14’C.

Next week is uncertain, but the most likely outcome keeps temperatures on the cool side, with further showers or rain.

We should start to see more sunshine and warmth from around the middle of June, though it isn’t impossible that what currently looks like a 10 day cool and unsettled spell could be extended further.

I shall endeavour to issue my summer forecast in the next couple of evenings.

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