Monday 19th September 2022

Well that was quite a spectacular procession earlier for The Queen’s funeral. Nothing quite so spectacular with the weather this week – a bit warmer and perhaps some showers by the weekend.

Thanks to Anthony for the photograph – actually from July, but a sunset of sorts seems appropriate. I do use sunset photos occasionally!

Quite a bit of cloud to start this evening, the odd light shower possible, but skies becoming fairly clear overnight – mist/fog forming in a few places by dawn, down to around 8’C.

Tuesday sees high pressure over the UK.

Some hazy sunshine in the morning, quite a lot of cloud bubbling up from around lunchtime onwards, though a few bright spells still likely. 19’C, maybe 20’C. Skies gradually clearing overnight, one or two mist/fog patches by dawn, down to around 11’C.

Wednesday morning looks rather sunny, some high cloud around. Quite a lot of cloud bubbling up from around lunchtime once more, though a bit more in the way of sunny spells than Tuesday. 21’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, mist/fog patches in a few places by dawn and reaching down to around 9’C.

Thursday sees a weather front trying to push down from the north-west, but it will stay far to our west for now. Hazy sunshine in the morning, some spells of thicker cloud in the afternoon but still broadly bright. Fairly warm, 21’C. Cloud gradually thickening overnight as that weather front slowly edges our way – rain possible by dawn, though timing uncertain. Around 13’C.

Details are sketchy for Friday, but broadly cloudy with some showery rain at some point (possibly heavy at times), as the weather front slowly edges south-east. Around 18’C to 20’C.

By Saturday we should start to see Hurricane Fiona having an indirect impact on our weather, as she travels north off the east coast of USA.

Most likely for Saturday we’ll be looking at sunny spells and a few scattered showers, temperatures around 18’C, give or take.

However there is a small chance that Friday’s showery rain is still hanging around, at least at first, which would lead to more in the way of cloud and some rain.

Sunday should be dry with some sunny spells, and temperatures around 18’C – give or take again.

Next week looks like seeing high pressure close to our west, but depending on what happens to the remnants of Hurricane Fiona, this could potentially see some much cooler air spread down from the north at some point next week.

A much cooler flow for at least a chunk of next week – perhaps maximums around 12’C to 14’C looks more likely, with some cloud and light showers possible, though some sunshine too.

However, it is also very possible that the cooler northerly flow doesn’t happen, or maybe doesn’t happen until next weekend – and we stay warmish with some sunshine until then.

Next full forecast will be on Thursday evening, at the usual time.

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