Monday 19th July 2021

Hot and sunny this week – with small chances of thunderstorms.

Thanks to Lee for the photograph.

Tonight will be a warm night with clear skies, temperatures eventually getting down to around 18’C, maybe 19’C.

Tuesday sees low pressure to our west and to our east – with high pressure sandwiched in between, but not the strongest build ever.

It will be hot and sunny in the morning, some cloud will bubble up in the afternoon and scattered thunderstorms will break out. I’d suggest around a 30% chance of catching one, and if you do it could feature torrential downpours, lightning – a small chance of hail and/or localised flash flooding. Many places missing them and will just stay hot with sunny spells. 31’C should be reached. Another warm night under clear skies, eventually down to around 19’C.

Wednesday will again be largely hot and sunny. Fair weather cloud will bubble up, one or two isolated heavy, thundery showers will develop but I think no higher than a 10% chance of catching one. Hot, around 30’C. Clear skies overnight, a tad less warm, eventually down to 17’C.

Thursday looks a bit less sunny than of late, but still decent sunny spells – just more fair weather cloud bubbling up. Still hot but a tad less, around 28’C. Clear skies overnight, down to around 16’C. A little high cloud spreading up from the south-west by dawn.

Friday sees sunny spells with variable amounts of cloud – sometimes rather cloudy, sometimes mostly sunny. High cloud will thicken during the afternoon making the sun hazy, as low pressure approaches from the south-west. Still very warm, around 25’C, likely somewhat humid too. Overnight (perhaps as early as late evening – timing is uncertain), a band of heavy, thundery rain will spread up from the south. Feeling quite warm and humid, around 17’C.

Saturday sees low pressure back in charge.

There may still be some heavy, thundery rain to clear in the morning – timing of the overnight rain is uncertain. This should clear north (not 100% certain – it could hang around) to leave sunshine and heavy showers. Kind of warm and humid, assuming some sunshine, around 23’C.

Sunday looks likely to be a day of sunshine and very heavy, thundery showers. Still a bit of uncertainty at this stage – I wouldn’t rule out general heavy rain, or dry with sunny spells. And temperatures around 22’C.

Next week is uncertain, though the somewhat more likely outcome keeps it changeable, with further heavy showers at times, perhaps general rain – but also some sunshine. Likely on the warm side.

We should return to something similar to this week, as we go into August.

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