Monday 18th October 2021

An uber-changeable week ahead, warm then cold, windy at times, some heavy rain at times – and perhaps even a bit of that rare beast – sunshine.

Thanks to Richie for the photograph.

This evening sees some showery rain clearing east not long after you’ve read this, cloudy but warm for the rest of the night in a south-westerly wind, 16’C.

We start Tuesday with some unusually warm upper air from the south-westerly flow.

Cloudy to start, perhaps a bit of light rain. We should get some sunshine either side of lunchtime, and in the notably warm air we should reach 19’C – perhaps 20’C in fairly strong winds. Becoming cloudy again during the afternoon with some showery rain by around early evening. Showery rain, some heavy, continuing through the evening and into the first part of the night – drier for a short spell though a chance of a heavy shower by dawn, no lower than 15’C, windy for most of the night too.

Wednesday sees bands of heavy showers cross, perhaps very heavy with a rumble of thunder. Less showers in the afternoon, but still some scattered heavy showers around – some sunny spells too. Still in the warmer air, 17’C and quite windy at times. A spell of heavy rain looks like it will spread north in the evening and into the first part of the night – not yet guaranteed it will get this far north, but around an 85% chance. Cooler air spreading down from the north once the rain clears, down to around 8’C by dawn.

Thursday sees colder air spread down from the north.

It will be mostly sunny, a bit of fair weather cloud and a very small chance of a stray lightish shower. However it will feel pretty cold in the northerly wind – our first taste of something “cold” this autumn so far, with temperatures struggling to 11’C. Mostly clear skies overnight, too windy for a frost but down to around 5’C.

Friday is another mostly fine day. Some sunny spells, more in the way of cloud than Thursday, a small chance of a stray shower but most places staying dry – light winds and temperatures around 12’C. Some clear spells and some cloudy spells overnight, down to around 6’C.

Saturday looks mostly cloudy – perhaps some brightness at times in the morning. Around 14’C. A band of rain crossing overnight – though timing uncertain and may not arrive until Sunday morning. Rainfall amounts fairly low.

Sunday…well it depends on the timing of the weather front on Saturday night and how quickly it clears. If the weather front clear quickly, then sunshine and showers in a westerly breeze, and around 16’C. If it hangs around, then cloudy with bits and pieces of rain, and 14’C.

Next week looks fairly changeable and westerly-driven, though probably dry to start the week.

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