Monday 18th August 2020

Ready for autumn? Well, we won’t be quite full-on autumn but I’d suggest closer to the definition of autumn than summer.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph. Also, I may have overdone the fun this weekend so it will probably be a shorter and less-detailed forecast than normal.

This evening still sees scattered heavy showers, but they will fade to leave some clear spells. Down to around 15’C.

Tuesday sees sunny spells and scattered heavy showers. Less around than of late but mostly places still catching a couple and a small chance of a rumble of thunder. Very warm, 24’C. Clear at first overnight, cloud thickening from the south-west as the night goes on, 16’C.

Wednesday sees rain spreading up from the south-west. Perhaps dry and bright to start, but rain should arrive fairly swiftly and will be heavy at times – showery in nature so not always raining. Becoming quite windy but a warm feel despite the cloud and rain, around 20’C. A warm and humid night, around 19’C still. Further outbreaks of heavy rain, particularly late evening and first part of the night – likely drier later in the night.

Thursday sees low pressure to our west, dragging up warmer air. Good spells of sunshine, a little cloud. Very warm at around 25’C – perhaps more. Becoming quite windy overnight as low pressure moves closer, 17’C.

Friday sees low pressure close to the west of the UK. A windy day, still some sunny spells but also some showers. Warm, around 23’C. Variable cloud overnight, around 16’C.

Saturday will be fairly windy with sunny spells, some cloud and some scattered showers. Feeling a bit fresher, around 21’C.

Sunday looks fair. Sunny spells, some cloud, small chance of a shower. Around 20’C.

Next week looks rather mixed, further areas of low pressure will bring rain and/or showers for most days, but there will also be some fine weather in between. Something like 1-2 fine days, 3-4 showery/wet days is currently the mostly likely outcome.

As it stands, the bank holiday weekend is more likely to be similarly mixed but there are plenty of options with 10+ days to go. Roughly speaking, 60% chance of mixed conditions, 20% chance of outright unsettled, 10% chance of fine but not especially warm, 10% chance of hot and sunny.

Generally mixed for the start of September, though suggestions of something more settled and pleasant around the middle portion of the month.

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