Monday 16th November 2020

Changeable is the key word for this week. But the trend is towards drier weather, and eventually…probably…colder weather.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph. No, I don’t know who the statues are of.

Tonight will be cloudy, mild and breezy, 12’C. Some occasional light rain, mostly in the evening hours, but dry most of the time.

For Tuesday we will be back in a very mild south-westerly flow.

It will be mostly cloudy – a bit of brightness at times, also the odd bit of light rain at times. Breezy and around 14’C. Breezy and fairly cloudy overnight, around 10’C.

Wednesday starts bright with a bit of sunshine – not too much! A weakening band of rain will slowly cross in the afternoon, the odd heavyish burst possible but it will be mostly light and patchy. Very mild again, 14’C, maybe 15’C – windy too. A cooler feel overnight with clear spells, still windy, down to around 7’C.

Thursday sees a north-westerly wind – strong at first but easing as the day goes on. Sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud – one or two scattered showers but nothing of note, and many places missing them. Feeling much cooler – 9’C. Clear spells at first overnight, though cloud thickening later – down to around 2’C – a frost possible, especially in more sheltered spots.

Friday then sees us reset back into a standard westerly – with high pressure close to the south, low pressure further to our north – but low pressure driving things.

Friday will therefore be mostly cloudy with some rain crossing at some point – timing uncertain as it stands. A moderate splash of rainfall – not expecting anything too much. Breezy and feeling milder, 11’C. Cloudy, breezy and fairly mild overnight, 10’C.

Saturday remains mostly cloudy, but there should be a bit of brightness at times, a bit more than Friday. The odd light shower possible, but nothing especially of note. Mild and breezy, 13’C. Similar overnight though a weak weather front may bring some more persistent light rain – uncertain at this stage.

Sunday then sees high pressure start to build over western UK.

It may start cloudy but we should see more sunshine as the day goes on – not 100% certain yet in terms of sunshine though. Around 10’C. Clear skies likely overnight, which means a cold night and a frost possible, especially in more sheltered spots.

Next week starts with high pressure in control. Cool but dry, overnight frosts probable, though will depend on clear skies – at this stage there is no certainty on cloud amounts. Fog possible also.

Uncertain as the week goes on – certainly possible that weather fronts could briefly bring a spell of rain either mid or late next week, though more days should be dry than not – and that applies for the rest of November in general.

A cold start to December looks increasingly plausible, as I have been suggesting for some time. It could well be cold and frosty without much in the way of wintry precipitation – but we’ll see. Get the cold in place, and then we’ll see if I have to use the s-word.

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