Monday 15th January 2024

A cold week ahead – but milder, and wilder weather returns for the weekend.

Thanks to Jonathan for the photograph.

Tonight sees clear skies at first, though cloud will thicken somewhat in the second part of the night. Frosty, down to around -3’C.

The general picture for Tuesday sees cold air having spread down from the north, with low pressure to the south-west trying to push towards us.

It will be mostly sunny, or hazy sunshine – hazy particularly earlier and later in the day. 3’C though feeling colder. Fairly cloudy overnight, though the cloud often thin enough for a frost to form – down to around -2’C.

Wednesday starts cloudy but bright, with some hazy sunshine – the low pressure doesn’t quite make it to England, hence no snow event. Generally we’ll be looking at hazy sunshine all day, and cold, 2’C. Skies clear overnight and we’ll see a sharp frost, down to around -5’C, perhaps lower, especially in more sheltered spots. A breeze adding to the wind chill.

Thursday sees the northerly re-establish itself. Long spells of sunshine, though cold – and the northerly breeze making it feel quite biting. Around 2’C. Mostly clear and frosty overnight, down to around -4’C.

Friday sees long spells of sunshine, though cloud thickening somewhat in the afternoon as weather fronts approach. Around 3’C. A frost probable at first, though cloud will thicken as the night goes on, the wind strengthens and temperatures will pick up a bit.

Saturday looks cloudy and windy – strong winds, with temperatures recovering to around 6’C. Some uncertainty on rainfall – more likely it arrives in the evening and is fairly patchy, but scope for it to be earlier in the day. Windy overnight – likely a bit of rain at some point.

Details still need firming up for Sunday, but it looks windy, perhaps with gales – and a spell of rain at some point. Mild, around 11’C.

There is a chance of something a stormier for Sunday – sufficient for damage/disruption, but too early to firm up on how strong the winds will be. Most likely strong winds or gales but a chance of severe gales. One to watch for if you have plans for Sunday…perhaps overnight or Monday instead.

Further outbreaks of rain and strong winds likely for the start of next week too – probably very mild, we might squeeze a 15’C.

More likely high pressure builds again from around midweek next week, to settle things down once more. Probably mild at first, but an increasing chance of overnight frost by next weekend.

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