Monday 14th September 2020

May 2020 redux. Peak heat on Tuesday though remaining warm or very warm throughout.

Thanks to Paul for another excellent photograph.

Tonight will be a warm night for September, eventually getting down to around 16’C and a little humid also. Clear skies.

For Tuesday we continue the southerly flow, low pressure quite far to our west and heading south, high pressure close to our east.

Tuesday will be another hot and sunny day, with some high cloud making it a little hazy at times. We will reach at least 28’C, 30’C not out of the question. Another warm night under general high cloud, dropping to 17’C.

Wednesday sees high pressure develop further north which switches the flow to an easterly. Still on the hot side, and still lots of sunshine. A bit of cloud and reaching around 26’C. Quite cloudy overnight though tending to thin by dawn, 14’C.

Thursday likely starts cloudy but this should fairly quickly clear to long spells of sunshine in a fresh easterly breeze. Temperatures down on what they were but still warm, 21’C. Clear skies overnight, down to around 12’C.

Friday will see long spells of warm sunshine. Somewhere between 21’C and 25’C depending on the exact source of the roughly easterly breeze. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 12’C.

Very minimal changes for Saturday, high pressure to our north, low pressure to our south meaning an easterly flow. The low to our south just edging a bit further north towards us – the same low pressure that is currently to the west of the UK as I write now, which heads south to Portugal then starts to drift north again by the weekend.

Likely a bit more cloud at times for Saturday but there should be more good spells of sunshine. Probably a tad less warm, between 20’C and 22’C. A fair amount of cloud around overnight, around 13’C.

Sunday is uncertain at this stage. The low pressure to our south should be that bit closer and will bring a risk of thundery showers or rain. Yet this could remain to our south, and we stay sunny. Warm either outcome.

Next week probably starts warm – the chance of showers unknown at this stage, but possible.

Not keen on forecasting any further into the future at the moment due to the amount of tropical storm/hurricane systems towards America and the uncertainty they add to the general atmosphere.

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