Monday 14th February 2022

A rather wild week ahead, with a particularly nasty system expected on Friday. Buckle in.

Thanks to Paul for the photograph – not the most appropriate of photographs ever, but the only one I have for you. Plus, it’s from one of my favourite spots in Reading.

Showers fading this evening, clear spells for a time with temperatures down to 2’C. Cloud thickening from the west before dawn.

For Tuesday (well…all week) we have a powerful jetstream heading straight towards us, fuelled by some very cold air flooding out from Canada into the Atlantic Ocean area.

Initially bright but soon clouding over, rain from around 9am, some heavy bursts through the lunchtime period, clearing around 2/3pm. 9’C and quite windy. Further rain arriving around 9/10pm, some of this rain light but some fairly heavy bursts will be mixed in overnight. Rain clearing before dawn, becoming windier as the night goes on – and milder, 12’C.

Wednesday morning will see some sunny spells. Generally cloudier in the afternoon, a little light patchy rain possible. Very mild, 14’C – though strong winds especially later in the day. One or two scattered heavy showers in the evening, though the winds the main strong point – gusts of 50mph likely, perhaps more, which will be sufficient for a little damage and the odd train down. Remaining very windy overnight, though with clear spells, down to around 4’C.

Thursday sees a nose of high pressure bring something a bit less unsettled. Sunny spells, though a few scattered showers in the wind – those winds easing a bit though still notable all day, and strong in the morning. 9’C. Rain spreading across overnight, and winds becoming strong by dawn.

Friday sees a nasty low pressure system cross the country. Still some uncertain on exact developments, it may be a little stronger than this, or a little less strong. Uncertainty on when the overnight rain clears also, though probably still some rain in the morning – this clearing to sunshine, a bit of cloud and the odd scattered shower.

However, it is the wind from Storm Eunice that will be the main story. 60mph gusts at a minimum are likely (not yet 100% certain), but wherever catches the brunt of the storm across England/Wales could easily see 70-80mph gusts. At the moment it looks slightly more likely the core of the winds will be Midlands or North England, but only slightly more likely – it could easily be down here.

60mph gusts of wind is enough for some damage and disruption. 70-80mph, especially across the south of England where we don’t often get battered by such winds, is enough for fairly widespread damage and disruption.

Keep an eye on forecasts – and Met Office weather warnings.

Winds will ease in the evening and overnight on Friday, a chilly night likely.

Saturday looks windy, with sunshine and showers – showers may merge into a band of general rain during the middle of the day. Around 7’C.

Further strong winds on Sunday, with showers or rain likely at some point – details otherwise uncertain.

High pressure probably starts to build from the south next week, though it may take a couple of attempts to deflect the jetstream far enough north – I guess changeable will be the main theme, some settled days, wind and/or rain on other days.

Good luck with your fence.

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