Monday 13th September 2021

A mixed week ahead – some sunshine at times, but some showers and rain too – especially tomorrow.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy, some showery rain after midnight but pretty hit and miss, some places getting some light rain, some places staying dry, some places may see a heavy shower or two. 15’C.

Tuesday morning sees heavy showery rain spreading up from the south – it will intensify in places so some may get some heavy downpours, but for others just some showery, heavy rain. Brighter in the afternoon, but still some heavy showers around. Reaching around 20’C. Mostly cloudy overnight, perhaps a spot of light rain by dawn, around 15’C.

By Wednesday, we see Tuesday’s little low pressure in the North Sea, with high pressure building from the south-west.

Cloudy to start, perhaps a spot of light rain, slowly during the day some sunny breaks appearing though probably not until mid/late afternoon when there will be more notable sunny spells. Around 20’C. Fairly clear overnight, some high cloud, around 13’C.

Thursday starts sunny. Cloud will bubble from late morning, overall a little more cloud than sunshine, but pleasant enough and warm, 22’C. Clear spells overnight, though some high cloud, around 13’C.

Friday starts bright with some sunny spells. A weather front will push in from the west bringing cloud and some showers – timing uncertain but more likely afternoon/evening – though perhaps not until overnight. Warm, 23’C (unless the showery rain arrives earlier). The weather front likely continues to slowly cross overnight bringing some showery rain, around 15’C.

Saturday should be fine with sunny spells, some fair weather cloud and around 21’C. However there is a little bit of uncertainty due to Friday’s weather front – there is maybe a 20% chance instead that it lingers and we get something showery and around 19’C.

Similar for Sunday, assuming that weather front cleared east overnight on Friday, then Sunday will also see sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud and temperatures around 21’C. But if Saturday was showery (the 20% chance) then Sunday probably will be too.

The more likely outcome for next week is that high pressure hangs on, bringing mostly dry weather – though the odd weak band of rain may well progress south-east once or twice next week. Otherwise, fairly warm, some sunshine and some cloud.

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