Monday 13th May 2024

Low pressure is on the way, but it won’t all be rain and showers…some warm sunshine in the mix too.

Thanks to Fiona for the photograph.

So the general picture sees low pressure moving in from the west, though a slightly weaker feature than previously expected, moving slower and a but further south.

Today will be often cloudy as a weather front approaches, but there will be sunshine at times. Reaching around 19’C, maybe 20’C. Rather breezy. Rain will arrive during the evening and will make slow progress east overnight, some heavyish bursts possible but mostly light to moderate rain. A mild night, around 14’C.

Tuesday starts cloudy, and possibly still wet – some uncertainty over when the rain will clear as the rain band will be moving very slowly. Becoming brighter in the afternoon with some sunny spells, and the odd shower possible. Fresher, around 17’C. Rather breezy once more. Reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 10’C.

Wednesday sees quite a lot of cloud bubble up for a time in the morning, perhaps with a shower but then broadly it should become sunnier and more pleasant. Reaching around 19’C – pretty decent. Mostly clear skies overnight, down to around 8’C.

A bit of uncertainty for Thursday – this slack low pressure is still in charge, and it looks like an area of rain will push in from the east – but at the moment it looks like that area of rain will be a bit further north. Assuming so, then more likely we’ll see hazy sunshine spells and some scattered heavy showers. Around 19’C, assuming the rain is further north as currently projected, 15’C if not.

Again some uncertainty for Friday, but more likely we’ll see sunny spells, variable amounts of cloud and a chance of a heavy, thundery shower or two. Perhaps instead something cloudier, with showers unlikely. Assuming the sunnier outcome, and with us importing some warmer continental air, then getting back up to around 21’C.

This slack low pressure system will remain close by over the weekend.

Exactly where is uncertain, and hence details on the weekend will take another 2-3 days to determine, but broadly it will be a case of sunny spells and scattered heavy showers, perhaps very heavy/thundery. A small chance said showers developing into a weather front and becoming general rain. Generally staying warm, around 20’C or so.

Some suggestions that it becomes drier once more in the following week…whether it lasts until the bank holiday weekend is highly uncertain this far out, but there is hope.

Have a good week, I should be back on Friday morning.

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