Monday 13th March 2023

Cold for a couple of days, then mild, and staying changeable with rain/showers quite often.

Thanks to Christel for the photograph.

Tonight sees a band of showers crossing between roughly 11pm and 1am, with one or two showers either side. Still fairly windy, temperatures gradually falling as colder air moves back down, ending up around 2’C.

The general picture for Tuesday sees low pressure over Scandinavia, driving a northerly flow.

The day starts with a band of showers, roughly between 6am and 9am – maybe a bit of sleet/wet snow mixed in. Good spells of sunshine follow, reaching 9’C though feeling colder in the northerly-ish wind. One or two showers around for late afternoon and into the evening – catch a heavy one and you could get a wintry mix, but some places missing them altogether. Clear skies overnight and a widespread frost, down to around -3’C.

Wednesday starts sunny. Cloud will gradually thicken during the morning with patchy light/moderate rain arriving around mid/late afternoon. Reaching around 7’C and feeling fairly cold in the notable breeze. Showery light/moderate rain continuing during the evening, mostly dry after midnight – the odd patch of rain possible. Becoming windy again, though a bit milder, 9’C.

Thursday sees the tail of the weather front dangling over us all day – so mostly cloudy, bits of rain at times, perhaps some bright spells occasionally. Mild and windy, 12’C, maybe a tad more if we get a little brightness. Staying mostly cloudy overnight, the odd splash of light rain around. 10’C.

Friday is going to be a bit of a mish-mash of conditions, with low pressure close by over Ireland but also a plume of relative warmth over France. Generally the morning looks fairly cloudy, more sunshine in the afternoon but also a few showers. 14’C seems achievable – with enough sun it could be pleasant, though I’m not 100% confident on details. Showers possible overnight, though low confidence.

Most likely for Saturday we are looking at some sunny spells, with a fair scattering of showers, which could be on the heavy side. Likely on the mild side, somewhere between 12’C and 14’C.

Low confidence for Sunday, but slightly more likely either a spell of showery rain, or sunshine and showers.

Most likely next week is unsettled with further wind and rain, or showers, potentially heavy at times. Grab any spring glimpses when you can! Colder air perhaps spreading south again as the week goes on.

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