Monday 11th May 2020

A cooler week ahead, more cloud than sun but mostly dry.

Thanks to Eloise for the cloudy photograph.

We start the week with high pressure to the north-west of the UK, which is broadly where it stays this week.

Reds mean higher pressure – not warmer!

Tonight will see mostly clear skies. A chilly night, down to around 2’C – a touch of frost in more sheltered spots.

Tuesday starts sunny, but cloud will build by mid-morning to leave a rather cloudy day, but with some fairly limited sunny spells. Around 14’C with a lighter breeze. Still quite a bit of cloud overnight, down to around 5’C.

Wednesday sees more of an easterly breeze pick up, some sunshine to start but soon becoming mostly cloudy – with only limited sunshine expected. A small chance of a light shower, feeling chilly at around 12’C. Clear spells developing overnight, down to around 3’C.

Thursday continues in the same theme. A bit more uncertainty on cloud amounts but likely it will be rather cloudy during the middle part of the day, with more sunshine early morning and from late afternoon. Still the chilly easterly wind, around 13’C. Chilly overnight, down to around 2’C – a touch of frost possible in more sheltered spots.

Hints of a change by Friday, as high pressure that was to our north-west starts to shift towards the UK. A similar kind of day weather-wise, sunny to start and end, rather cloudy for the middle portion. Around 15’C – perhaps a tad warmer. Down to around 5’C overnight.

Saturday likely sees a bit more in the way of sunshine, but with a fair amount of cloud bubbling up – probably mostly cloudy again around lunchtime, though overall the day seeing more sunshine than previous days. Feeling a warmer, 18’C or so, perhaps even 20’C at a push. Variable cloud overnight, 6’C.

By Sunday we see high pressure in a nice position for sunshine and warmth, with a south-westerly flow. There should be good sunny spells, with temperatures around 20’C or more.

It should then remain warm/very warm and often sunny for next week. Possibly an increased chance of a shower or two later in the week.

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