Monday 11th December 2023

One more low pressure system before it settled down for a little while.

No photograph this week.

Clear skies at first tonight but a band of showers slowly crossing from around late evening onwards – potentially heavy/very heavy showers overnight. Down to around 4’C at first but becoming milder later.

General picture for Tuesday sees low pressure pretty much over the UK.

Some sunny spells, mostly in the morning, but a fair few heavy showers around – most places catching a few during the day. On the mild side, 11’C. Mostly cloudy with occasional showers in the evening and overnight, down to around 8’C. Becoming quite windy later in the night.

Wednesday starts cloudy, with bits and pieces of light/moderate showery rain. This gradually fading in the afternoon, perhaps a little sunshine to end. Feeling chilly in the wind, 8’C. Clear skies at first – down to around 1’C, cloud thickening as the night goes on and a weak weather front approaches.

Thursday starts cloudy, some bits and pieces of light rain/drizzle. Becoming sunny during the afternoon. Around 9’C. Reasonably clear skies overnight, though high cloud tending to increase later. Down to around 1’C – a frost possible, especially in more sheltered spots.

By Friday, high pressure nudges closer to the UK.

It looks like there will be quite a bit of cloud around on Friday, especially later in the day – more variable in the morning so some sunny spells. Around 8’C. Likely cloudy overnight, and assuming so then around 8’C.

Saturday looks cloudy but mild. Breezy too, around 11’C. Likely cloudy overnight, and assuming so then around 8’C.

Sunday is probably cloudy and mild too. Around 10’C.

The more likely outcome for next week is that high pressure moves back west into the Atlantic, and we end up more changeable – with wind and rain becoming more likely once more.

Something a bit colder is plausible for a day or two later next week, though generally the temperature theme is more likely average to mild, and that goes through until Christmas.

Chance of a White Christmas? Well, it isn’t impossible but I wouldn’t put it higher than 5% right now.

Better chances of something wintry after Christmas and into the New Year – though that’s a very long way away meteorologically.

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