Monday 11th April 2022

Warmer. But with some rain and showers at first. And Easter looks rather warm and rather pleasant – though some cloud/fog and maybe a shower or two mixed in with some sunny spells.

Thanks to Chris for the photograph.

Generally fairly cloudy this evening though some clear breaks at first. Showers will move up from the south after midnight, potentially heavy/very heavy with a small chance of thunder/lightning. Some places will probably stay dry though. No lower than 9’C.

For Tuesday we have a warm southerly flow, but low pressure close to our west.

Tuesday will therefore be rather cloudy with some showery rain at times, but plenty of dry weather. Any showery rain could be heavy – but I wouldn’t be surprised if some places stayed completely dry. Hazy sunshine possible at times, and more in the way of sunshine by the evening. A warmer feel, 17’C. Variable cloud overnight (though more towards dawn), one or two showers dotted around but many places staying dry. No lower than around 9’C.

Wednesday starts rather cloudy. Some bright spells and gradually things will improve in terms of sunshine amounts with some half-decent amounts during the afternoon. Also a scattering of heavy showers, say around a 50% chance of catching one or two. Warm – we might just squeeze 20’C, or close to anyway. Clear spells overnight, though mist and fog may form in places towards dawn. Down to around 5’C.

Thursday starts with mist/fog in places – hazy sunshine others. Any mist/fog will clear by around mid-morning to leave some hazy sunshine at times, though there will be lots of cloud around. Likely more sunshine by evening. Warm, around 20’C. Fairly cloudy overnight though some clearish spells, down to around 9’C. Mist/fog may form towards dawn, though less likely than the night before.

So Easter sees high pressure in control – starting over the UK and into Scandinavia. We are kind of lucking out as it is really close to being a chilly pattern – but we are probably due some good luck in terms of high pressure positioning after 2021’s debacle of a summer. Remember that cloudy August with a badly-positioned high pressure?

Good Friday is a bit of a mishmash of hazy sunshine and variable amounts of cloud. Perhaps some mist/fog early in the day but that will clear. A very weak weather front will be crossing, probably during the afternoon, which will bring somewhat thicker cloud for a time and perhaps a spot of light rain – but overall it will be reasonably pleasant, if far from perfect. Reaching around 20’C, give or take. Variable cloud overnight, some clear spells, down to around 10’C. Mist/fog may again form towards dawn.

Saturday again may start with some mist/fog to clear but it will leave decent amounts of sunshine. Some high cloud at times making it hazy, some fair weather cloud developing with a small chance of a shower – say no higher than a 20% chance. Warm – 22’C seems feasible, give or take a couple. Variable cloud overnight – mist/fog may again form by dawn. Down to around 8’C – very give and take though.

Easter Sunday looks reasonably pleasant. Sunny spells, perhaps hazy, at times – some cloud around too. Probably a shade less warm than Saturday, around 20’C. A very small chance of a shower.

Easter Monday is a little uncertain – possible that we start to see weather fronts trying to push in from the west at this stage. The more likely outcome is that it remains broadly pleasant, some sunshine, some cloud and a greater chance of some showers than during the weekend. Around 18’C to 20’C.

Cooler from Tuesday?

No strong signals for the rest of next week and into next weekend, but temperatures back around average, possibly slightly below, are more likely, say 12’C to 15’C with some showers.

Not sure when the next forecast will be due to Easter fun.

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