Monday 10th January 2022

High pressure will be in control this week. Calm, chilly, winter weather – some sun, some cloud and some fog/frost.

Thanks to Helena for the photograph.

Tonight will be cloudy as a weak weather front slips south-east. Some light rain and drizzle at first, some showery rain later in the night, around 7’C.

Tuesday sees high pressure close to our south-west, and it is this area of high pressure that will dominate our weather – there is another area of high pressure to our east, with a weather front stuck in the middle – over us.

Tuesday will therefore be cloudy with some occasional showery rain – dry for quite a bit of the time, showery rain more likely around dawn but there could be some at other points. 9’C. Cloud will clear south in the evening, mostly clear skies will follow – one or two fog patches but most areas escaping, a frost for most areas, down to around -2’C.

Wednesday will be mostly sunny. 7’C. Clear skies overnight for a time, fog forming more widely, though not everywhere. Down to around -2’C, though closer to 0’C where foggy – so frost for most.

Thursday starts foggy for many, though sunny in a few spots (though don’t be surprised if it becomes foggy as it shifts around). Generally fog will clear but will take some time, and in some spots may stay foggy/misty all day – in which case closer to 3’C. Those areas where fog clears will be closer to 6’C. Fog forming again in the evening and overnight in most places, frost possible, down to around -2’C.

Friday looks like it will take longer for fog to clear, though some uncertainty. In some places some afternoon sun – in others mist/fog will probably last all day, or most of it. Temperatures between 2’C and 5’C, depending on how long your fog lasts. Fog likely forms quickly in the evening (well…maybe it never cleared in the first place), and stays foggy overnight. Down to around -2’C.

Fog can be difficult to predict 36-48 hours away, let alone trying to predict it 108 hours in advance, so less confidence by the weekend.

More likely, Saturday sees fog slow to clear, with low cloud for most, most of the day once (if) fog clears. Likely quite cold, say 4’C, give or take. Probably foggy overnight, around 0’C.

Hints of a subtle change for Sunday, as high pressure drifts north/north-west a bit.

Probably foggy to start, then cloudy for most of the day – though confidence on details not especially high. Cold, around 4’C. The change in high pressure position would mean fog is less likely overnight.

Likely cold and dry to start next week – there might even be some sunshine.

And then either middle/end of next week likely transitioning to something more unsettled with low pressure systems edging in from the west or north/west – which I’d assume will last the rest of January and perhaps first few days of February. Temperatures varying around average, occasionally somewhat mild, occasionally somewhat cold.

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