Monday 10th April 2023

Back to rain, showers and wind. But next week looks more promising.

Thanks to Tracy for the photograph.

Easter Monday starts cloudy with outbreaks of rain. This clears by late morning to sunny spells and scattered showers – some heavy, perhaps a rumble of thunder or some hail mixed in. 14’C – winds fairly strong, notably strong gusts possible in heavier showers. Showers fading during the evening, mostly clear skies overnight, down to around 4’C.

Tuesday starts bright with sunshine, cloud soon thickens as rain approaches from the south-west. Outbreaks of rain from around early afternoon onwards, though the odd scattered shower possible before the main rain arrives. 12’C and windy. Rain will continue, heavy at times, through most of the evening, strong winds also – clearing by late evening. Clear skies follow for a time, though a cluster of showers arriving around dawn – not impossible that they could have a bit of sleet mixed in. Down to around 3’C.

For Wednesday we see a fairly deep area of low pressure in charge.

Some sunny spells at times, more so in the morning, but lots of heavy showers developing – more so from lunchtime onwards. Hail, thunder, heavy downpours – maybe even some sleet mixed in. Strong winds during the afternoon, temperatures reaching 10’C – though dropping in showers. Still some showers in the evening and overnight, but most of them fade, winds less strong also – down to around 4’C.

Low pressure moves away for Thursday, so we are left with sunny spells and a few scattered showers. 11’C and still fairly windy. Probably fairly clear skies overnight, though some uncertainty, down to around 2’C.

Friday is a bit uncertain – low pressure will be crossing close to our south so it should bring cloud and some rain or showers – the more likely outcome is that the bulk of the rain will be over France, but there is a chance that it will be a thoroughly wet day, rather than cloudy with some bits of rain/showers. Around 11’C.

Saturday depends somewhat on what track Friday’s low pressure system took, though more of the story sees high pressure developing. So broadly speaking a reasonable day, with some cloud, some sunny spells and temperatures roughly between 10’C and 13’C is the more likely outcome – but a risk of something cooler and showery, if Friday’s low was further north.

More confidence for Sunday with the Azores High ridging in.

Cloud amounts uncertain at this stage – it could be anywhere in the range of mostly sunny to mostly cloudy, and therefore temperatures in the range of 13’C to 18’C, depending on how sunny it is.

More likely than not, next week starts pleasant – uncertainty on cloud amounts, but there should be at least some sunshine, with temperatures more likely in the range of 15’C to 18’C – with a small chance of our first 20’C if everything aligns perfectly.

Most likely next week remains dry or mostly so – uncertainty on cloud amounts and temperatures – models suggesting a cooler easterly flow slightly more likely later in the week, but possible we stay on the warm side. Overnight frosts will still be possible.

Next forecast probably on Friday morning. I wish you a productive week!

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