Friday 7th April 2023

A mostly pleasant Easter weekend ahead, though back to changeable from Monday.

Thanks to Pauline for the photograph.

Good Friday sees good spells of sunshine – fairly glorious at times, some cloud around in the afternoon, and a very small chance of a light shower. Reaching 14’C, maybe 15’C – it will feel fairly warm in the sun. Mostly clear skies overnight, chilly, down to around 2’C – fog forming in places by dawn.

The general picture for Saturday sees high pressure over Scandinavia/Russian stretching its influence this far west, hence giving us a mostly pleasant weekend.

Early mist/fog/low cloud in places, but this will break up into sunny skies. Both high cloud and fair weather cloud developing from lunchtime onwards, less sunshine than Friday but still sunny spells and pleasant. 14’C, maybe 15’C. Fairly clear skies overnight, a chance of some mist/fog forming by dawn in places, down to around 4’C.

For Easter Sunday we have a more southerly breeze. Early mist/fog/low cloud in places will quickly clear, and generally we are looking at spells of hazy sunshine, with varying amounts of cloud. 15’C, maybe 16’C. Cloud thickening during the evening, with some patchy rain after midnight. 8’C and breezy.

Easter Monday starts cloudy with some rain – perhaps some heavy bursts though uncertain at this stage. Also uncertain when it clears, though around late morning is a reasonable guideline – sunny spells and heavy showers following, perhaps with thunder. Windy, especially in any showers that follow the main rain band, around 14’C, give or take. Showers fading during the evening, clear spells overnight, down to around 4’C.

Tuesday starts sunny, but cloud will thicken with wind and rain arriving later – timing uncertain though mid-afternoon is currently a reasonable guideline. Around 12’C. Heavy rain and strong winds follow for the evening and at least part of the night.

Wednesday sees this low pressure system, rather deep for the time of year, sat over the UK somewhere.

Strong winds, perhaps gales, with sunshine and heavy showers the most likely outcome – though a spell of rain possible, depending on the positioning of the low pressure system. Around 11’C. What spring?

Thursday most likely sunny spells and showers, and windy. Around 11’C.

Another low pressure system probably crossing during Friday (not yet definite but a high chance), bringing further wet and windy weather. Still around 11’C.

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound too promising, does it?

However, from next weekend, it does look the Azores High will try to push up from the south-west – more likely over Spain/France but very possibly this far north, so the chance of something notably warmer and drier increases. Saturday is probably too soon, Sunday maybe, the next week more likely.

Also however, low pressure will be close to our west/north and the jetstream looks fairly active for the time of year too. It is a close call. It could be just somewhat above-average temperatures but changeable weather conditions.

Let’s say maybe a 50% chance of a warmer and drier spell – warmer as in 20’C.

Enjoy your Easter weekend – time for me to go for a walk in the sunshine I reckon. With a beer or two at the end.

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