Friday 2nd June 2023

Did someone order warm sunshine? For the weekend anyway, and still settled next week.

Thanks to Eve for the photograph.

Only very subtle changes in the weather pattern from the last forecast, or the one before that – high pressure still centred to the north-west of Ireland, but our easterly breeze becoming more north-easterly – so there is more land for the overnight cloud to travel over before it reaches us, and also the source, Scandinavia, is warming up.

Which is me basically saying more warmth and sunshine just in time for the weekend!

Friday starts cloudy – I’m sure you are used to it by now. The sun will break through, likely in the morning, it should be mostly sunny by lunchtime, give or take. And increasing amounts of sunshine as the afternoon goes on. Still breezy at times, 19’C. Some cloud overnight, down to around 8’C.

Saturday sees early low cloud clearing fairly quickly to good spells of sunshine. Some high cloud at times, likely some fair-weather cloud, but a very pleasant day overall. Warm, though still breezy, 22’C seems realistic, give or take. Clear spells for a while overnight, some cloud possible later, towards dawn. Down to around 8’C.

Sunday sees any low cloud at first quickly lift to leave long spells of sunshine. Some fair-weather cloud at times, particularly later in the afternoon. Warm, around 22’C, still quite breezy. Becoming cloudy overnight, 9’C.

Monday starts cloudy and it likely takes longer to clear this time. The afternoon should see good spells of sunshine, once the sun breaks through. Around 20’C, still a breeze. Cloud spreads across again overnight, down to around 9’C.

Tuesday again starts cloudy – there is again more of an easterly component to the flow, rather than the north-easterly from the weekend, and I think the cloud will hang around longer. The sun should break through, maybe by late morning, maybe early afternoon, and it will be warm and sunny once it does. Reaching somewhere between 18’C and 22’C, depending on how quick the sun comes out. Cloud spreading across overnight again, down to around 10’C.

Wednesday starts cloudy – there is a greater risk of it staying cloudy for all or most of the day, though fairly low confidence. If it does then temperatures around 15’C, but if the sun burns the cloud back then we’ll reach somewhere between 18’C and 22’C. Cloud spreading back across overnight again!

Thursday probably quite similar – a cloudy start, sun probably breaking through at some point to bring sunny skies. Temperatures most likely somewhere between 18’C and 22’C.

A possible change for Friday and into the weekend, though low confidence, sees a bit more of a south-easterly flow, which means getting rid of this overnight/morning cloud and importing more warmth – temperatures between 22’C and 27’C. However, such a change will also bring a small chance of thundery downpours developing.

It may instead stay broadly similar to what it has been, for Friday and into next weekend. I guess 60/40 kind of percentage chances of these two broad themes.

Enjoy the sunshine! Hopefully I’ll get time to do the summer forecast this weekend.

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