Friday 29th March 2024

Confirm that it is warm and sunny in Sicily. Confirm that it is not so in England, but actually we’ll squeeze a couple of half-decent days out, at least compared to recently.

Thanks to Andy for the photograph – sent in some time ago, but about as relevant an unused photograph as I can find!

So, Good Friday starts fairly cloudy with some showers around. Some sunny spells too, but further heavy and blustery showers will develop, most likely catching at least a few showers, perhaps with a rumble of thunder. Gusty winds, reaching around 12’C. Showers fading from around mid-afternoon, with increasing amounts of sunshine – and the wind easing too. Dry with reasonable clear skies overnight, chilly, down to around 3’C.

For Saturday, we are still controlled by this area of low pressure close to our west which has been there a few days and will only slowly recent – causing it to be cool and showery/wet in western Europe, but much warmer to the east.

Actually a reasonable day on Saturday for us – rain not too far to the east but this means hazy skies at times for us, otherwise fairly sunny, some fair-weather cloud and a small chance of a shower. 13’C, maybe 14’C. Mostly clear skies overnight, some mist/fog patches by dawn, down to around 4’C.

Easter Sunday also looks reasonable. Quite a lot of cloud at times, some early mist/fog too, one or two scattered showers – say a 30% chance of catching one. But also some sunny spells. Temperatures around 13’C or so, though if sunshine amounts surprise then maybe 15’C. Cloud thickening overnight with rain likely – though some uncertainty on timing/distribution.

Easter Monday is tricky in terms of details, but low pressure will bring rain or showers at times – perhaps brighter in the afternoon but still with some heavy showers around. A fairly broad range of possible outcomes – perhaps rain all day, perhaps bright with just the odd shower, but something in between as per the previous sentence seems more likely. Around 12’C give or take.

Tuesday looks more or less sunshine and showers, though on the sunnier side of the spectrum. Around 12’C, give or take. Rain probable in the evening and overnight – timing uncertain at this stage.

Wednesday sees rain clearing to brighter skies (with the timing uncertain proviso still in place).

And to finish next week, it looks like things become more mobile again, which means low pressure systems moving through rather than sat to our west. Wet, windy but very mild.

Not impossible that we squeeze a quite warm day or two late next week or next weekend, depending on timing/track of low pressure systems, but rain/showers far more likely.

Tentative signs that things settle down around mid-April…only tentative right now.

Guess I better go enjoy the Sicilian sunshine before I have to come back to the rain! Happy Easter/happy long weekend, delete as appropriate.

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