Friday 25th August 2023

The bank holiday weekend is here and it looks…better than it could! Some sunny spells, some cloud, some showers.

I can finally access photographs that are sent via Facebook messenger! Only been broken for months…thanks to Eve for the photograph.

So the general picture for Friday sees a fair weak low pressure system over Scotland, but it has pushed our warmth away.

Sunny spells to start the day but quite a lot of cloud will bubble up, leaving fairly limited sunny spells, and later in the afternoon a couple of scattered showers will trundle over from the west, some heavy and an outside chance of thunder. Around 20’C. Showers gradually fade in the evening, clear spells developing and temperatures down to around 11’C.

Saturday starts with sunny spells, but cloud will bubble up and heavy showers will break out fairly widely. Some places may avoid them, but most likely you’ll catch at least a couple of heavy showers, thunder possible. Probably just squeezing 20’C. Showers fading in the evening, and gradually skies will clear – down to around 10’C.

Sunday starts with sunny spells. Cloud will bubble up with a few showers – though less than on Saturday, and less likely to be heavy. Say a 60% chance of catching one or two showers. Generally more sunshine also, though tending to become somewhat cloudier later in the day. 21’C. Some cloud, some clear spells overnight, down to around 10’C.

Monday likely starts with sunny spells. Some cloud bubbling up – though the extent of which is uncertain, there is a chance of some more general cloud from a decaying weather front, perhaps even some light rain – but more likely at least some sunny spells remain. Temperatures somewhere between 18’C and 22’C, depending on sunshine amounts. Reasonably clear skies overnight, down to around 11’C.

Details start to become sketchy by Tuesday, though a fairly cloudy day is likely, with some sunny spells possible at times. A weak weather front will give a chance of some patchy rain later in the day – timing TBC. Around 20’C, give or take.

Low pressure close by on Wednesday, but probably not close enough for rain/showers of any note. Again, confidence not especially high, but broadly rather cloudy, some sunny spells, a small chance of showers and somewhere around 20’C.

Things become more interesting and more uncertain on Thursday as low pressure edges closer to the UK – though there is a chance that it may instead slip south towards France/Spain – and this ultimately depends on a hurricane/ex-hurricane in the far west of the Atlantic, and how that interacts with the jetstream, and how that reshapes the Azores high pressure system.

In summary, a greater chance of heavy showers or heavy rain for Thursday, but uncertain.

Too much uncertainty due to the aforementioned ex-hurricane to forecast for next weekend – and also other tropical systems in the Atlantic basin. It’s a wait and see, though generally changeable seems the more likely theme to start September.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

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    Please could you give me a history of weather condition for Europe for Friday 25th August 2023.

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