Friday 22nd March 2024

Well I hope you enjoyed the dry day. Colder and becoming more unsettled is the theme once more.

Thanks to Kay for the photograph.

A cloudy start to the day with a little patchy light rain/drizzle. Gradually becoming more persistent and more moderate during the morning, clearing around lunchtime, with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud following for the afternoon. Feeling cooler, 11’C. Reasonably clear skies tonight, some cloud at times and a stray shower possible. Down to around 3’C.

The general picture for the weekend sees high pressure to our west, low pressure with the colder air tracking down through the North Sea.

Sunny to start but cloud bubbling up with plenty of showers – some heavy, perhaps with a rumble of thunder, hail or sleet possibly mixed in too. Gusty winds, especially in the showers, around 8’C. Showers will fade by late afternoon. Reasonably clear overnight, still quite windy, a stray shower possible but most likely it will stay dry. Down to around 4’C.

Sunday is a calmer day. Sunny spells, quite a lot of cloud bubbling up – one or two showers dotted around during the lunchtime period, which should be fairly innocuous, and you may miss them all. Around 11’C, maybe 12’C. A chilly night at first, down to around 3’C, but temperatures picking up a bit as cloud thickens, then rain arrives by around dawn, give or take.

Monday sees outbreaks of rain in the morning, light to moderate most likely. This tending to move north during the day, so drier most likely in the afternoon, though also likely still cloudy. A bit of uncertainty on this aspect. Around 9’C.

By Tuesday details become more uncertain, but low pressure will be in charge, close to our west. More likely Tuesday is fairly cloudy with some showers/rain at some point – but details currently unknown, and will be until the models have more of a handle on where exactly low pressure will be, and how it behaves. Temperatures around 10’C.

And this is the general picture for the rest of the week, and I’m afraid, most likely for the Easter weekend. Low pressure will remain in situ somewhere close to our west – most days will see either rain or showers at some point, occasionally quite windy too – but at this stage it’s not possible to put timings on it.

During the week, temperatures broadly within the 9’C to 12’C, though with the low pressure pumping warmth up into Europe, it is plausible that we could tap into that somewhat for Easter weekend – maybe something between 13’C and 17’C during the latter part of Easter weekend…which if it is a showery day rather than a rainy day, could be semi-pleasant.

Of course, the Mediterranean warming up means I’m off on my jollies, but I should still get time to do forecasts as usual next week. I won’t quite be escaping the rain in Sicily, but I’ll take 5 out of 7 days of warm sunshine, which is what it currently looks like.

It will eventually improve here too…tentative signs of slight improvements in temperature and lower rainfall in early April, though this is a new signal, so caution required.

Have a good weekend.

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