Friday 20th October 2023

Fairly unsettled but fairly mild.

Thanks to Fiona for the photograph – it’s from July, but similar weather to now.

So, Storm Babet is in control of our weather, though not much in the way of effect for us down here.

A cloudy start to Friday with bits of showery rain possible, though the bulk of the rain will be to our north. Some bright spells will develop later in the morning and into the afternoon, but also some scattered showers, which could be heavy. A fairly warm airmass for the time of year, reaching around 16’C. Further scattered showers overnight, no lower than around 12’C.

Low pressure is right on top of us for Saturday – it will be rather cloudy with some showers, the showers likely heavy and perhaps merging into longer spells of showery rain at times. Some brightness also at times, and some uncertainty as to the distribution of showers. Reaching around 15’C, maybe a tad more with a bit more sunshine. Still some showery bits in the evening but dry with clear spells overnight, down to around 7’C.

Sunday looks reasonably pleasant. Sunny spells, some fair weather cloud, one or two scattered innocuous showers but many places avoiding them. Reaching around 14’C, maybe 15’C. Cloud thickening from the south overnight, down to around 8’C – give or take a couple.

Monday starts with hazy sunshine. Cloud will gradually thicken with rain spreading up from the south, arriving some time between mid-afternoon and mid-evening – some uncertainty on the timing. Reaching around 16’C and becoming rather breezy. Rain, possibly heavy, for a spell in the evening, perhaps reaching into the night, though tending to clear later – showers may follow.

By Tuesday, we have low pressure over the UK, with more waiting to our west.

Details a bit uncertain, but broadly some sunny spells, a fair amount of cloud and some showers. Around 15’C.

Wednesday looks broadly dry to start with rain later – uncertain on timing, so perhaps overnight.

And the general theme for Thursday through into the weekend looks fairly unsettled – showers or rain many days, though there will be drier days too. Temperatures on the mild side.

November is hinting at starting on the unsettled side, with a more southerly tracking jetstream meaning low pressure systems further south than normal – though an increasing tendency for drier weather later in the month seems more likely.

December looking milder than average, though arguably more likely wetter than average.

I don’t know when the next forecast will be as my life is about to be a bit chaotic – the joys of waiting for a flat purchase to complete with a tenancy agreement ending beforehand. So I don’t know where I’m living next week. Time to book a 2 week holiday, I guess!

Have a good weekend.

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