Friday 20th October 2020

Gosh, Cornwall is nice, isn’t it? Unlike the weather for the coming week or so, which will often be wet and windy, with the jetstream fired up and broadly speaking taking low pressure systems through Scotland – so we’ll miss the brunt, but it will be unsettled.

I’m going to be self-indulgent and today’s photograph is from Cornwall, and is from Porthleven to be exact.

Tonight sees clear skies at first, but cloud thickening later in the night, the wind picking up and temperatures rising a tad. Down to around 6’C whilst clear.

For Saturday we have a sizeable area of low pressure to the north-west of Scotland.

It will start bright, but cloud continues to thicken with some mostly light and patchy rain as the morning progresses. It stays this way during the afternoon with occasional light or moderate rain, but it looks like there will be around 30 minutes to an hour of very heavy rain, either late afternoon or early evening. An ETA of this short spell of very heavy rain of 5pm probably won’t be too far out. Windy but mild, 16’C. Further showery rain will follow during the evening, some heavy, but mostly dry after midnight. Down to around 8’C.

Sunday sees sunny spells and scattered showers. Some heavy showers, though some places missing them. Around 13’C and breezy. Breezy overnight with clear spells, down to around 6’C.

Monday still has low pressure on the scene, sunny spells again with scattered showers, some heavy. Around 13’C and breezy, though a little less so. Clear skies at first overnight, though cloud thickening a bit later, down to around 5’C.

Tuesday sees rain arriving during the morning. Outbreaks of rain continuing through much of the day, though often light or moderate in nature. Quite windy, around 12’C. Mostly clear overnight, windy and around 8’C.

Wednesday keeps low pressure in control to the north-west of Scotland. It looks like a day of plentiful showers and a bit of sunshine. Strong winds, around 13’C. Variable cloud overnight, still breezy or windy, around 10’C.

Thursday is uncertain. It will be windy and likely on the mild side, but the position of weather fronts is uncertain – it could rain all day, it could rain part of the day, or just stay cloudy. Too early to judge right now.

From Friday and into next weekend, it looks like high pressure will push up from the south. It isn’t a done deal yet – low pressure will be close to the west and this could scupper the outcome, but quite likely we’ll see some warmish sunshine, for the time of year.

It does look as though high pressure will be in control for the first week or so of November, and any warmer than usual weather will abate to normal, with fog and possibly frost a risk, depending on exact positioning of high pressure.

It should be back to the normal Monday/Thursday forecasting pattern next week, helped by the clocks going back and the models being out an hour earlier – the only part of the clocks going back that I like.

Enjoy your weekend.

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