Friday 16th October 2020

I was just enjoying a beer or two, then I realised that I still have to do my weather forecast. Yikes. Maybe I’ll end up a bit more chatty than normal.

A pretty cool and boring weekend ahead – and that’s just me and my social life. Milder next week – but wet and windy at times too.

Thanks to Sarah for the photograph.

Tonight will be mostly cloudy, the odd spot of drizzle or light rain but mostly dry. Should you get a bit of clear skies, fog will form, but not especially likely. Down to around 6’C.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy. A bit of brightness at times, more likely in the afternoon – a small chance of a spot of rain but mostly dry. 12’C. Fairly cloudy overnight, though a few clear spells – down to around 5’C.

Sunday will again be quite cloudy, but there will be some sunny spells, perhaps more likely during the morning. We might squeeze 13’C. Variable cloud overnight with a southerly breeze picking up, down to around 7’C.

Monday sees a stalled but developing low pressure to our west start to pump up a southerly wind – marking a distinct change in the weather.

Monday looks bright with hazy sunshine in a southerly wind, though cloud slowly thickening as the day goes on. Feeling milder, we might just squeeze 14’C. Whoa. Cloud thickening overnight, some outbreaks of rain overnight though nothing notable, 11’C.

Any early rain should clear swiftly on Tuesday, followed by mostly cloudy skies, a bit of sunshine at times, and the odd showery bit of rain. 16’C – perhaps a tad more. Dare I say, “quite warm”? I would were it March. Heavy rain spreading up from the south overnight – perhaps by early evening, but certainly overnight. Around 11’C and windy.

Wednesday likely starts wet, this will clear to sunshine and showers. Windy, around 14’C. Showers possible overnight, though uncertain at this stage.

Thursday is a bit uncertain, though showers or showery rain the more likely outcome with low pressure likely to be close – heavy downpours possible also. With a bit of sunshine, around 16’C.

Friday again is a bit vague in terms of forecasting, though a few more showers likely – less likely to be heavy. Around 15’C.

A new area of low pressure likely arrives for the weekend, bringing wind and rain at times.

The unsettled spell likely to continue through to the beginning of November, where high pressure should take control bringing dry conditions though with fog and possibly frost.

Enjoy your weekends. I’m going to Cornwall for a staycation next week, so I don’t promise a next forecast date – at some point Monday or Tuesday for sure.

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