Friday 12th March 2021

Well I think last night was the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that I just didn’t have enough within me to write a forecast. I started writing it but I’m just mentally drained at the moment. I guess I’m not the only one feeling that way?

I’m sure a couple of days of warm sunshine would help.

Alas, after a few showery days it will become dry again, but staying cool – in fact, becoming quite cold. Perhaps even cold enough for wintry flurries. Aha.

Let’s see how much I can manager to write. No photograph because…lockdown…pandemic…detox…meh.

Friday starts quite windy with some organised heavy showers. Sunny spells and more scattered showers follow, which could be heavy – overall more cloud than sun. 9’C and quite windy. Dry at first this evening, but a further cluster of showers from late evening until an hour or two after midnight, which could be heavy. Windy, down to around 3’C – mostly dry after the main cluster clears but the odd blustery shower still possible.

Saturday sees low pressure in the North Sea, dragging down a cooler north-westerly flow. Some sunshine, more cloud, plenty of showers around. Showers could be heavy, a small chance of hail or thunder – most places seeing at least a couple but some places may miss them. 8’C and windy. Clear spells overnight, still quite windy – a stray shower possible, down to around 3’C.

Sunday starts with some sunny spells. The odd scattered shower in the morning but mostly fine if still cool and windy. More cloud in the afternoon, some general showery rain likely to spread down from the north-west for a couple of hours either afternoon or evening – timing uncertain. 9’C and still quite windy. Fairly cloudy overnight, the odd shower possible, 7’C.

For Monday, high pressure will be building close to our west but this does mean a northerly flow for us. Generally rather cloudy – a few splashes of rain around but nothing notable, more likely in the morning – some brightness at times too, more likely later in the day. 10’C in a northerly breeze. Cloud amounts uncertain overnight – a frost possible if clear, otherwise just generally chilly.

Tuesday currently looks like rain spreading down from the north-west – though I’m not 100% certain on this. Around 11’C.

Wednesday looks drier – though still a chance of a the odd shower and quite a lot of cloud around. We may start to import something colder from the north-east too – around 8’C, give or take. A frost possible overnight if skies clear sufficiently.

By Thursday it looks like we’ll import a more north-easterly flow, so feeling pretty cold. Uncertain on conditions – probably quite cloudy and fairly dry – a bit of sun and the odd light shower possible. Around 8’C, perhaps less. Frost possible overnight depending on how much cloud there is – any stray shower could be wintry.

Friday again likely fairly cold – a mix of sun and cloud and the odd shower…perhaps wintry.

The most likely outcome for next weekend keeps it chilly but mostly dry.

High pressure will remain close by for the rest of March – positioning uncertain but more likely to our west more of the time – which would mean either a cool north-westerly flow with quite a lot of cloud and some showers, or a cold northerly flow with more sunshine and some showers also. We might get the odd pleasant, sunny and mild day if high pressure settles over us – but would need a bit of luck.

This pretty much ties in with my spring forecast and I still expect a drier and sunnier than normal spring overall – but we may need to wait until early April for any signs of warmth. Gosh they will be joyous days, won’t they?

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