Friday 12th April 2024

Briefly some warmth, but then notably cooler for next week. Less rain than there has been.

Thanks to Jo for the photograph.

So the general picture for today sees high pressure in control over France, Spain and into central Europe – and just nudging into the south of the UK.

It’s a warm set-up with the flow of air from Africa, but there will be plenty of high cloud around, making the sunshine often, if not always, hazy. Reaching 19’C, maybe 20’C. High cloud overnight, down to around 9’C.

For Saturday we just about stay in the warmer air, again hazy sunshine all day with the cloud thickening in the afternoon as a weak weather front approaches. Reaching around 19’C – not bad at all. The weak weather front crosses early evening, bringing cloud and the odd spot of rain. Mostly clear skies overnight and down to around 6’C.

Hazy sunshine for Sunday morning, cloud thickening for the afternoon but staying dry. We’ll have lost the warmer air – reaching around 13’C in a westerly breeze. Clear spells but becoming windy overnight, down to around 5’C. Showers possible before dawn.

Time for change on Monday as low pressure moves down from the north-west.

Heavy showers or heavy showery rain moves south-east during the morning, pretty much from dawn, give or take. Sunshine and showers following for the afternoon. Reaching around 11’C but feeling colder in the strong winds – notably gusty at times. Some cloud, some clear spells overnight, down to around 3’C.

Tuesday remains in the cool flow – some uncertainty over where low pressure will be centred and hence the frequency of showers – it may be a case of frequent heavy showers, occasional showers or no showers. Generally fairly cloudy though some sunny spells. Reaching around 12’C. Another chilly night likely, down to around 4’C.

If anything Wednesday looks colder, with temperatures around 9’C in a more northerly flow. Uncertainty on conditions – whether it be something drier, or more showery. Overnight frost possible if a lack of cloud cover.

Into Thursday and Friday, more likely high pressure builds from the west. Uncertain on details, though more likely on the cooler side of the spectrum, say 9’C to 12’C, also more likely on the cloudier side of the spectrum though hopefully some sunny spells. Overnight frosts possible, depending on cloud cover.

The more likely outcome for next weekend would see high pressure continue to build in from the west, hopefully cutting off the cooler northerly flows and allowing something in the range of 14’C to 17’C – nothing special, but an improvement. Possible that it stays on the cool side instead, something warmer unlikely but not impossible.

Probably dry to end the month.

Early suggestions for May involve a sometimes showery month, but also some dry and warm spells. Nothing especially unusual currently looks on the cards.

June still looks drier, sunnier and warmer/hotter than normal. July and August perhaps too, but maybe I’m hopecasting a bit there. Enjoy your two warm days.

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