Friday 10th September 2021

Mostly warm/very warm over the next week or so, but changeable too.

Forecast is a day later than normal as I didn’t forecast staying out for work drinks until that late. Oops.

Scattered showers will fade this evening, mostly cloudy overnight though a few clear spells, another warm night at around 16’C.

Saturday sees our low pressure trough easing away north-east with high pressure building behind.

Quite a lot of cloud during the day, especially in the morning, but some sunny spells at times. Around a 20% chance of a shower. Warm, 22’C. Quite cloudy overnight, down to around 13’C.

Sunday will be quite cloudy, more so in the afternoon this time, but again some sunny spells. Feeling a tad fresher, around 20’C. Some patchy rain possible in the evening/overnight – but some uncertainty on the track and development at this stage. Cloudy and around 14’C.

Again a bit of uncertainty for Monday, but broadly fairly cloudy, some occasional brightness/sunshine, some occasional bits of patchy rain. Around 19’C. Quite cloudy overnight, some patchy rain possible at times, around 14’C.

Again uncertainty for Tuesday, with a tricky series of low pressure troughs to our south making it a challenging forecast. The more likely outcome would see a fine day, small chance of a shower, sunny spells, around 21’C. There is a small chance of wet weather instead – though more likely that is to our east. Also a small chance of something very warm and humid instead.

The most likely outcome for Wednesday is warm with sunny spells and a small chance of a shower. Around 22’C.

Thursday I’m actually more confident on, and we’ll probably see a build of high pressure bringing good sunny spells. Temperatures a bit uncertain, anywhere from around 19’C to 25’C, though I slightly favour the higher end.

For Friday we should just about hang onto the warm sunshine, but Atlantic weather fronts should be pushing in from the west by this point – so maybe by afternoon/evening we’ll see some showery rain, but maybe not until overnight. Temperatures somewhere around 22’C, give or take.

Interestingly there is likely to be some notably cold weather heading south into Russia next weekend and a strong block of high pressure should form to our east, somewhere roughly over Scandinavia.

The positioning of this will be key for our weather next weekend and into the following week. If it is around our latitude, then low pressure systems will struggle to gain a foothold – we should get some weak weather fronts crossing at times in this case, but the emphasis on dry weather.

Should it build further north instead, then we’ll likely get 7-10 days of unsettled conditions, starting next weekend.

Lots of uncertainty both short-term, and medium-term.

Enjoy your weekend.

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