Friday 10th October 2022

Low pressure very much in charge – but the main areas of rain actually looking like they will miss us – however there is still some showers/showery rain to come. And then a southerly wind next week – which means it will be warm. Good news for those energy bills.

And, yes, a Friday morning forecast because I was home too late last night after a work social. And this might be a bit rushed as I have to start work early…and interview someone…with a hangover. Hmm.

Thanks to Tracy for the photograph – I only have sunshine photographs in my inbox…so do forgive that it isn’t too appropriate!

Today will be mostly cloudy – some brightness at times this morning, some patchy light rain this afternoon, perhaps as early as midday. There should be some sunshine to end the day. Around 16’C in fairly light winds. Clear spells at first tonight, down to around 9’C – more cloud later in the night with one or two scattered showers around.

By Saturday there is a rather complex area of low pressure systems to our north-west – driving our weather. Part of this system will move south to position itself to the west of Spain/Portugal, and to drive the warmer southerly flow from Sunday onwards.

Sunny spells and scattered showers is the theme of the day – showers mostly quite hit and miss and not heavy, though there are suggestions of a more organised line of heavier showers roughly late afternoon. Rather breezy, 17’C or so. Clear skies overnight, down to around 7’C.

Sunday starts sunny. Gradually the sunshine will become hazier from the south, and some fair-weather cloud likely bubbles up in the afternoon too. Around 17’C in a southerly breeze. Heavy showers spreading up from the south in the evening and overnight – most places should catch some showers but maybe you’ll miss them all. A small chance of thunder. No lower than 13’C.

A bit of uncertainty to start Monday as there may be some lingering patchy rain from overnight. Otherwise hazy sunshine all day. Around 16’C. Overnight should be dry with clear spells – though a very small chance of importing a shower from the south. Down to around 8’C.

By Tuesday we have low pressure to the west of Spain/Portugal still driving our weather – sending much warmer air north, not too dissimilar to situations during the summer.

Of course, the sun is much weaker now so there is a limit to how warm it can get! But there should be plenty of hazy sunshine during Tuesday. Around 18’C. An outside chance of a heavy shower, but unlikely at this stage. Similar overnight, lots of high cloud, down to around 11’C – give or take.

Low pressure gets a bit closer on Wednesday but it should still remain dry with hazy sunshine. Some uncertainty on temperatures – somewhere in the range of 16’C to 20’C most likely. Heavy rain possible overnight, but timing uncertain.

From here details are more uncertain though the general pattern looks set – plus I should really be working now, so I’ll finish quickly.

Thursday and Friday should remain on the warm side, but there should be some spells of rain, probably heavy at times – quite an unstable flow, perhaps even a rumble of thunder mixed in. Temperatures more likely in the range of 16’C to 20’C – the latter would need sunny spells though, so it will depend on rain timings.

Have a good weekend.

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