Friday 10th November

Mixed weather ahead – some rain, but also some sunshine too.

I thought I’d indulge myself and share a sunrise photograph from my current destination in Spain – moving onto Malaga tomorrow, though I wish I was moving back to London into my new flat…alas…solicitors. Warm sunshine down here is a decent consolation, and it is about to warm up more!

Today starts with an area of heavy showers pushing south-east, fading as it does so but most places will see some heavy rain out of it. Gradually brightening up in the afternoon, reaching around 9’C so on the cool side. Fairly breezy too. Fairly clear skies overnight, temperatures down to around 2’C, so a touch of ground frost possible in places.

So the general pattern for Saturday sees a ridge of high pressure building, though a large area of low pressure is waiting out to the west for us.

Saturday will therefore be a pleasant autumn day, lots of sunshine, a bit of cloud and temperatures around 10’C. Cloud thickening overnight as a weather front approaches, temperatures down to around 3’C – some spots of rain possible by dawn.

Sunday looks a mostly cloudy day, with some patchy light rain at first in the morning, then some more persistent rain arriving at some point in the afternoon, for 2-3 hours or so. Some brightness possible at times, though generally fairly cloudy, 10’C and breezy. Further showery rain spreading across from the south-west later in the night, around 8’C.

Monday starts with showery rain, possibly heavy. Brighter in the afternoon with sunny spells, a shower possible but not especially likely. Windy but much milder, around 15’C. Variable cloud overnight, a shower possible, around 10’C.

Tuesday is more likely a day of sunny spells and occasional showers – though there is a chance that a cut-off low from the main low pressure system to our north-west could develop, bringing more general heavy rain and strong winds – one to watch, but the less likely outcome. Around 13’C.

Wednesday more likely is settled, some sunny spells, some cloud and breezy. Around 12’C.

Thursday again sunny spells, but a chance of a few showers, around 11’C.

A hint of higher pressure around for next weekend, or roughly around then, which would mean something more settled and drier – though confidence not especially high.

Enjoy your weekend, and I shall enjoy mine too in the 25’C sunshine. I’m really really delaying my autumn this year!

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