Thursday 2nd July 2020

Last minute winner…get in! Oh wait a minute, this is a weather forecast. Not sure there is much to cheer in this forecast for the next few days (unless you like cloud) but an improvement next week.

The general background sees a fairly notable streak of the jetstream powering through the UK this weekend – this meanderingly heads north during next week, allowing the Azores High to nudge in from the south-west to bring more sunshine – but still some variability – not a clean victory.

If you are viewing on the website, the below image is the jetstream strength for Sunday – kind of set-up we’d expect in mid-winter.

Thanks to Fiona for the photograph.

Still a few scattered heavy showers this evening, but these will fade before midnight. Clear spells overnight, though cloud thickening somewhat towards dawn, around 12’C.

Friday starts bright with some hazy sunshine. Cloud thickening during the afternoon with a bit of showery rain by late afternoon or early evening, not amounting to much. Warmish, a little humid and becoming quite windy, 21’C. Occasional rain overnight – dry more than raining, mostly light to moderate but the odd heavy burst possible. 15’C and quite windy.

Saturday will be cloudy, warm, humid and quite windy. Bits of light-moderate rain at times, more likely in the morning. Any brightness very limited. 21’C. Mostly cloudy, warm and windy overnight, 16’C, the odd spot of light rain at times.

Sunday starts cloudy, warm, humid and windy. A little occasional light to moderate rain. This will clear to sunny spells in the afternoon, and a slightly fresher feel. 22’C, maybe 23’C. Clear spells overnight and fresher in a north-westerly wind, 12’C.

Monday sees the Azores High start to ridge in from the south-west.

Fresher than recent days and more sunshine, getting to around 20’C – yet a fair amount of cloud too. Likely most sunshine in the morning. A smallish chance of a shower. Mostly clear overnight, down to around 10’C.

Tuesday looks fair. Quite a bit of cloud around in the afternoon, but the morning seeing more in the way of sunshine, and still bright in the afternoon if rather cloudy. 20’C. Clear spells overnight, 11’C.

Wednesday looks like seeing spells of hazy sunshine. Cloud and rain will be to our north – it should stay there but within the realms of possibility this far out to be further south over us. Very warm, 24’C.

Thursday is…uncertain. Could be very warm and sunny, could be cooler instead – it looks like cooler air will spread down from the north-west for the latter part of next week but timing uncertain – might not happen until Friday, could happen Wednesday night. Hence Thursday uncertain.

Friday and into next weekend look reasonable. Probably a little less warm than average, though early July still means 21’C or so. Some sunny spells, some cloud at times, the odd shower possible though nothing especially likely.

The second half of July and beginning of August most likely will be very warm, often sunny, possibly occasionally hot – and if so, chances of thunderstorms increase. But generally pretty much like summer.

And many people will celebrate that like a last minute winner. Especially if they have air conditioning. Have a good weekend.

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